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It’s no news that dining room decor can get pricey quickly. Think about it: a great dining room table alone can cost a fortune, nevermind the plates, silverware, glassware, placemats, chairs, and other items you’ll need to be totally dinner party ready.

While there’s no shame in splurging on the dining table of your dreams, there’s also no shame in looking for options that won’t break the bank. This is why we’ve been pretty crazy about Jet.com as of late. The online retailer has a plethora of chic dining room essentials at a range of prices.

Whether your style is mid-century modern, Nordic, or something totally different, Jet.com can be a one-stop shop for all your dining room needs. Read on to see what we mean.

Mid Century Style Side Dining Steel Chair, Jet.com ($76)

These mid-century chairs will add a cool, sleek touch to your dining room. The best part about these chairs is that they’re versatile enough to work in any other room of your house, too. Plus, they are also made with eco-friendly materials.

Vintage Stripe Placemat, set of 4 ($13)

These charming placemats are great for casual dinners outdoors, or indoors. They have a vintage and low-key vibe that makes for a fun addition to any tablescape. They are also machine washable which means you won’t have to be worried if messy eaters are coming to dinner.

Antique Finish Wine Rack Stand, Jet.com ($120)

This wine-rack-meets-buffet-table can hold up to 16 bottles of wine, mitigating the trips to the kitchen and potentially missing out on good conversation. Wine rack aside, a buffet table is also such a helpful piece when there’s way more food than the dining room table can handle.

Aeon Furniture Dayton Dining Table, Jet.com ($330)

This six-person dining table is an understated beauty that will stand out without totally commanding all of the attention. Dress it up with fun dining chairs and before you know it, this piece will feel even more special than it already does.

Sauder North Avenue Metal And Wood 2 Tier Serving Cart, Jet.com ($66)

Serving carts are really helpful additions to your dining room that tend to be overlooked. They’re the easiest way to stow wine, display food, and keep ample glassware readily available for your guests. This serving cart is especially cool for those who aren’t into the more traditional brass and mirror bar cart.

ACME Lacole Serving Cart in Mirror and Champagne, Jet.com ($124)

While we served up a more contemporary take on the classic serving cart above, it’s important for you to know that Jet.com also has this beautiful serving card within its selection of products. This classic and standout piece is a great addition to any dining room.

Better Homes & Garden Bryson 20 Piece Flatware Set, Jet.com ($16)

Jet.com is truly a one-stop shop for your dining room needs, and this flatware set proves it. It’s nearly impossible to find a dining table, chairs, placemats, and flatware all from one single retailer. This tableware set is clean, simple, and a great price point.

Tvilum Diana Oval Dining Table, Jet.com ($423)

While an all-white tabletop might worry some, this dining table is made with melamine, which means that it is resistant to scratches and warping. This tabletop will go the distance and give you peace of mind.

Kosas Home Pennie Counter Stool, Jet.com ($121)

Some dining rooms also include an eat-in bar. Make sure you have counter stools that look the part because dressing up your bar area is just as important as any other dining room element. These sleek chairs will definitely look the part.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.52.46 PM
Fuse Porcelain Coffee Mug Set, Jet.com ($24)

Mugs are a must when it comes to setting up your dining room table for breakfast. This pack of 6 mugs rings in at only $24 and the dark porcelain makes them a sophisticated, chic choice.

Blomus Cast Iron Serving Bowl, Jet.com ($67)

This cast iron serving bowl is absolutely timeless. The best part is that this bowl comes in four different sizes. Feel free to grab one of each so that your serving bowls all coordinate.

Better Homes & Gardens Claro Highball Tumblers, set of 4 ($14)

The beauty of Jet.com is the more you buy, the more affordable the item becomes per piece. These glass tumblers are simple and beautiful. Chances are high that you’ll likely need at least 8 of these tumblers which means that the pricing aspect of Jet.com will come in handy.

Jaxx Collection Dining Table, Jet.com

A sizeable and of-the-moment dining room table that rings in at $118 seems impossible to procure. Oddly enough, we were able to find one that meets all the requirements and will make your dining experience nothing short of modern and sleek.

Red Vanilla Every Time White Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set, Jet.com

If you have guests frequently stay overnight, go the full distance with your morning spread. More specifically, make sure you have a sugar bowl and creamer set so that you can really treat guests (and yourself) to a refined coffee experience at home.

Round White Marble Platter, Jet.com ($17)

This marble platter is a great stylish accent on any tablescape, whether or not there is food on it. The back has felt, which means that you won’t scuff up your beloved dining room table when moving it around.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 4.47.17 PM
Mid Century Modern Beige Fabric Side Chairs, Jet.com ($136)

Another set of well-priced, super stylish dining room chairs are these Chelsea Lane Mid Century Modern Chairs. They’re sleek, simple, and look expensive. It’s hard to believe you can get two for under $200.