Published on November 17, 2017

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Photography by TOM DIXON

It is only fair to say that your BFF deserves the very best this holiday season. Whether an avid traveler, a fashionista, or one who is nearly impossible to shop for, we are here to help you navigate the difficulties that come with finding the perfect gift for one of the most important people in your life. You know, no pressure. Thankfully, we scoured the web for the absolute best in everything from fashion and beauty to tech and home decor. Read on for the style-focused finds and items that are definitely worthy of your absolute bestie.

Bump Glasses, Tom Dixon, $66.00

Feed into her wine obsession with these ultra sleek bump glasses: delicate, handmade, and oh so effortlessly cool. Featuring subtle tonal notes of blush and grey, they will fit in with just about any aesthetic. Their translucent composition results in a beautifully minimalist finish that boasts an essence of pure timeless style. Pair with her favorite bottle of red or white to really seal the deal.

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Photography by PHAIDON
Maybe their culinary skills (or lack thereof) could use a little fine-tuning—or maybe, it’s a subtle nudge that they should be hosting the next brunch. Either way, this’ll definitely get the point across.
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Photography by INDIE LEE
This nourishing blend deserves a spot in her nightly skin care routine. Composed of an olive-derived squalane oil, it is said to boost skin regeneration, improving both texture and tone. 
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Photography by MOSSER GLASS
Crafted of milk glass, this delicate piece can double as a catchall for everything from business cards to soap. 
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Photography by AESOP
Because they always deserve to look (and smell) their best, no matter where they’re jetting off to. Bonus points for the fact that it also doubles as a pulse-point therapy roll-on.
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Photography by Yield

For the coffee lover, a stylish French press that’s guaranteed to brew perfection. Every morning.

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Photography by FAR & WIDE COLLECTIVE
Soft Grey Silk Scarf, Far & Wide Collective

A handwoven accent in the sweetest, timeless shade. 
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Photography by BING BANG

Tiny Baguette Ring, Bing Bang

Two for her, and one for you. We won’t tell. 

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Seaweed Lavender Scrub, Moon Rivers Naturals

For the beauty maven whose ever-expanding stockpile is need of a little refresh.

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Photography by CHRONICLE BOOKS

The Little Paris Kitchen, Chronicle Books

An inspiring story of a new life in Paris, coupled with 120 mouthwatering French recipes, for the aspiring chef.

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Rose Hibiscus Face Mist, Herbivore

A hydrating face mist with a soothing hint of rose to inspire the perfect start for the day.

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Photography by VIFA

Vifa Helsinki Bluetooth Loudspeaker, Vifa

A compact loudspeaker (available in an assortment of shades and sizes) which proves that size doesn’t really matter. 

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Photography by UMBRA

Anigram Giraffe Ring Holder, Umbra

A whimsical piece that doubles as a charming stocking stuffer. 

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Photography by NATIVE UNION

CLIC Black Marble iPhone Cover, Native Union

A chic marbled accent for the piece that rarely leaves her side.

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Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2017

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