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It feels like everyone’s moving to the suburbs for more space, but what if you could go even further—like to the moon? A new study from Money.co.uk found out how much it would cost to take out a mortgage for a 1,356-square-foot home in the planet’s prime Sea of Rains neighborhood. The answer: about $60 million, based on the costs of land, labor, and transportation. Scientists are probably working hard on their end to make this a reality one day, and we bet someone will pay that price eventually. (After all, the mansion on Selling Sunset is more expensive at $75 million.) For the future first lunar residents, we asked four creatives what they would include in the house. In the meantime, we’ll use their ideas earth-side.

A Space All About the Views

I’d definitely install a glass solarium attached to the place—there would also be some great views of the stars—and fill it with plants! (I want that in my next earth house, too.) It would be important to bring some of our planet’s nature with you while still being able to feel like you’re in space. —Sarah Sherman Samuel

a cactus
Pencil Cactus, Rooted ($130)

A Mudroom for Moon Boots

I’d make the interiors baby blue to mimic the ocean. The house would have a large mudroom with heated marble floors and brass shelving to hold moon boots. I’d also bring my earth home’s marble armoire that holds all our game boards, cards, and VR goggles for family night. —Neffi Walker

a shelf
Sift Gold Tower, CB2 ($90)

A Plant-Packed Greenhouse

I would want to have skylights (meteor-proof, of course) to observe all the celestial happenings. As an avid gardener and plant lover here on earth, and for food provision purposes in space, having a greenhouse is definitely a priority, too. —Stacey-Ann Blake

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse, Walmart ($650)

Lunar-Worthy Furniture

Anyone living there might be a bit homesick, so I would work in natural materials like wood, stone, and clay. I’d add a modern mix of ’60s and ’70s flair. (Think: Rove Concepts’s Dresden sectional in white.) For a futuristic look, I would need to bring in an Etcetera lounge chair. That screams “moon decor.” —Amarachi Ukachu

lounge chair
Etcetera Lounge Chair, Pamono ($4,880)

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