This ’60s Design Trend Is Quite Literally Taking Off, Thanks to One Iconic Movie

It’s not rocket science.
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Film History is one of those college courses you take when you’re only half serious about becoming an adult and want to walk away with an A for watching movies all day. At least, that’s how I felt on my first day of class. As I cozied up in the back of the auditorium, patiently waiting for the teacher to dim the lights and flip on a pop culture favorite, I was confronted with a lengthy list of movies I had never seen. Topping the syllabus was Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey—Little did I know, I was really in for a lesson in interior design history.

Something special happened in the 1950s and ’60s that my parents failed to mention—and that’s the atomic age. You can find detailed accounts of the race to the moon in high school history books, but few go as far as the origins of saucer-shaped coffee tables and fluorescent mushroom lamps. 2001: A Space Odyssey, which premiered in 1968, was my first window onto this foreign world.

To keep the superfluous details to a minimum, the film is the ultimate portrayal of man versus machine. Couple a futuristic voyage through time and space with hypnotic visuals and a kaleidoscope of colors and you’ve got a sci-fi masterpiece no one will forget. Whether you ultimately find the film completely captivating or a little bit boring (fair warning: There are large bouts of silence), almost everyone can agree that the set—championed by production designer Harry Lange—is out of this world.

Blame it on the rise of kitsch or a human need for nostalgia, but Lange’s supernatural vision has never been more relevant than in 2019. Colored acrylic and extraterrestrial forms are taking over the furniture and decor scene. These 10 pieces will launch you into outer space.

If you want to bring the party back to the spaceship…

If the moon landing was cause for celebration, why can’t this confetti-filled side table be? Its storage capabilities may be limited, but the joy it will bring you will soar to infinity… and beyond.

If the pressure to lounge is too much to bear…

Mourgue’s now-iconic Djinn chair soared to stardom when Kubrick chose to scatter the seats down a stark white hallway in the space shuttle. He couldn’t have picked a better chair: The swing-like silhouettes practically defy gravity.

If your kitchen island could use an outsider…

You trust the cosmos with your weekly horoscope, but who’s to say said unknown forces can’t work wonders for your kitchen? Explore unfamiliar territory by hanging Tel Aviv–based lighting designer Noa Razer’s handmade creations over the island or breakfast table.

If the only captain you answer to is Marie Kondo…

Houston, we’ve got storage—and it’s vintage. Even in the ’80s, they knew that intergalactic vibes are best served with a side of function.

If your email is the center of your universe…

Earth to workaholics: Swap out your tired desk lamp for a fixture that’s bound to make late nights at the office all the more worth it.

If spring has sprung you in a floral-filled trajectory…

If there’s one thing that time travel and glass work have in common, it’s unpredictability. Add unexpected dimension to a vignette by filling this fluid vase with dried blooms or oversize branches.

If your only duty to the planet is getting ready on time…

Turn your counter into a control center with Dixon’s playfully constructed bathroom set—toothbrush, hand soap, and beauty goodies will be at your beck and call.

If you believe Mother Earth’s greatest gift is the color pink…

Do you frequently lose track of your house keys? Consider it a sign from the universe that you need a proper catchall tray for the entryway.

If you’re ready to launch into 2050…

Whether you’re reflecting on the present or looking forward to the future, this psychedelic mirror is the only splurge-worthy accent you need in your orbit.

If you’re constantly testing destiny…

This sumptuous pouf is bound to disrupt any perfectly aligned living room arrangement in the best way possible.

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