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As California-cool’s poster child, interior designer Amber Lewis is a master at creating spaces where clients can kick back and relax. But this year, Lewis herself is doing anything but. With the recent release of her first-ever book, Made for Living; the opening of another Shoppe Amber Interiors retail store in Newport Beach; and the launch of a home collection with Anthropologie, it’s staying true to herself that’s kept her grounded. “From the minute I started in the industry, I’ve been the same person,” Lewis notes in this week’s episode of Design Time (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “I think that if you’re truly authentic, then the work will come to you in a creative way.”

Lewis explores everything from why vintage is a necessity to her newfound obsession with coffee-table books in her conversation with Domino’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Romm Perez, culminating in the 10 things making her happy right now. Read on for a sneak peek at her favorites. 

Color (and Color Pairing)

It’s always been green. Olive green, always. My favorite color pairing today is an acorn, rusty color and marigold.

Material of the Moment

Sheepskin, mohair, and always linen. Linen is timeless. Nubby, Belgian linen.

Hotel Hitmaker

The Ned in London is one of my favorite hotels ever. It has a bunch of restaurants down there, and each is amazing. We had oysters at one of them once and it was the greatest experience.

Courtesy of the Ned


Dream Destination

I can’t wait to get back to London.

Design Object Crushes

I’ve always been a collector of things, and right now I have a bunch of vintage cowbells that I really like. Everyone needs a cowbell. I also have a weird equestrian paraphernalia collection, like old horse bits that look really pretty stacked in a bowl, as well as old leather accessories with this amazing stitching that I’ve sourced over the years.

Iconic Furniture Piece  

Everybody needs a Märta Blomstedt chair—those giant shearling chairs are amazing. They’re expensive, though, so maybe I should say everyone needs something similar.

Inspiring Film

Anything Nancy Meyers does. I mean, it sounds cliché, but if she was a designer, she’d be one of my favorites.

Go-To Vintage Source

I’m all about supporting one anther in the design world. We shop a lot at Nickey Kehoe; they’re local in L.A. and so incredible. There are a couple of vintage vendors on Chairish that I perpetually shop from that are really amazing, too.

Inspiration Station 

Europe as a whole. The entire continent inspires me over and over and over again. All I have to do is close my eyes and revisit it. My in-laws live in Wales, so we go back and forth all the time.

Nicolas McComber/Getty Images

Courtesy of Amber Interiors; Photography by Tessa Neustadt

Pro Tip

Do not judge your start to someone else’s middle. I have been doing this for so long…there have been so many designers who have far surpassed my successes, and over the years I’ve just gotten very comfortable knowing, well, that’s their story, not mine. And you have to be very comfortable in knowing that you’re creating your own path, whatever that is, and being patient with the process.

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