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We get it. He’s tough to shop for. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve gathered the gifts the guy in your life actually wants—from great Bluetooth headphones to sneakers he’ll wear every day to what he needs to round out his home bar.

Ear Candy

Listen, with Apple nixing the the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7, the writing is all over the wall that wires will soon be a thing of the past. Don’t get left behind. With numerous Bluetooth headphones to choose from, it can be pretty difficult to find the right pair—but easy to part with $500 in the process. That’s why we love the Jabra Move. It combines simplistic design, quality audio performance, and value in a way most other headphones can’t beat.

Jabra Move Wireless Headphones, $99, jabra.com 

Glass Act

Just as wine aficionados have known for years that different varietals deserve their own glass, scotch drinkers know whisky shouldn’t be served in any old tumbler. The shape of this glass helps make the scotch-drinking experience more immersive, the wider bowl allows for more evaporation of the whisky to release its aromatics, and the thinner opening traps those notes from dissipating before the drinker has the chance to enjoy the smell.

Viski Crystal Scotch Glasses, $22, domino.com

The Conversation Starter

This watch has magical powers. Wear it, and strangers will approach you just to compliment it and ask where the chunky, wooden timepiece is from. Since the solid maple band and casing is as durable as it is eye-catching, this is a watch that can be worn every day without worry of wearing it out.

Garwood Angeleno, $159, thegarwood.com

Saving Face

Keep his face looking fresh with this trio of fragrance-free skincare products from one of the best men’s grooming brands around. The Pure Clean Daily Facial cleanser will get rid of oil and grime, prepping the skin for a shave. The Beard Lube conditions the face while providing an amazingly close and irritation-free shave. And the Double-Duty Face Moisturizer features SPF 20, to protect the skin and fight the effects of aging.

Jack Black Core Collection, $52, nordstrom.com

Raise the Bar

We don’t have to tell you that little details take an outfit from good to great. But sometimes guys have to be nudged to follow that maxim. This brushed aluminum monogramed tie clip will add that last little bit of refinement to make a man in a suit look even better.

Lord & Lady Hand-Stamped Tie Bar, $39.99, domino.com

Sound Opinion

The market is awash with speaker options, but Sonos rises above its competition for multiple reasons: sound, ease of use, and scalability. It begins with superior audio. Sonos leans on Giles Martin, a composer and son of famed Beatles producer George Martin to calibrate each speaker’s sound. For playback, the speaker connects devices via Wifi. Use the app to play songs stored on a phone or computer, or play music through a streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. And because all the speakers can connect with each other over a home network, it’s easy to add more later. So start with this smaller speaker for one room, and the guy can add additional speakers, a subwoofer or sound bar for the TV.

Sonos Play:1, $199, sonos.com

Cozy Cool

The fashion world’s greatest innovation was making the lowly sweatpant stylish. But it’s time for him to retire the baggy pizza-stained pair with his alma-mater emblazoned down the leg. Instead, gift him these sweats from J. Crew, which feature a tapered leg that creates a slim, tailored silhouette—making them as suitable for strolling around town as they are for lounging around the house.

J. Crew Slim Classic Zip-Pocket Sweatpant, $69.99, jcrew.com

Stay Fresh

Buying cologne for a guy can be a tricky proposition because each man’s fragrance preference is so subjective. Give him the chance to find multiple scents he’ll love with this sampler from the grooming experts at The Motley. The colognes range from the fresh and citrusy Atlas, to the rich, woody Cyprus.

The Motley Cologne Collection, $49.99, domino.com

Sneaker Simplicity

In 2012, Nike eschewed many of its other sneakers’ technological and stylistic bells and whistles to create the Roshe. The stripped-down shoe that pairs well with countless outfits became an instant hit. Now, the Roshe Two is here, sporting the same minimalist style but featuring an improved sole design that makes the already comfortable shoe even more so. Combine that with the breathable stretch foam upper that conforms to your foot as you move, and these are a pair pair of shoes to wear all day and look good doing it.

Nike Roshe Two, $90, nike.com

Stirred, Not Shaken

Cocktail Kingdom is pretty much adult Toys ‘R Us. Their selection of cool, high-quality barware will have you lost on the site for hours. While your first instinct may be to buy a new shaker, direct your attention to this mixing glass. For spirits-driven cocktails like Martinis, Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, a quality mixing glass is essential. This sturdy, elegant, etched crystal glass will look good on any home bar, and the seamless construction makes it easier to stir better drinks.

Yarai Mixing Glass, $39.99, cocktailkingdom.com

Morning Affirmation

Guys may try to act all macho and unfeeling, but they’d be lying if they said they didn’t appreciate a little morning affirmation. Make sure they get it whether you’re there or not with this “Hey Handsome” shaving kit bag.

Owen & Fred “Hey Handsome” Shaving Kit Bag, $67.99, domino.com

The Most Important Meal

The James Beard Award-winning Southern chef John Currence’s second cookbook is an ode to the most important meal of the day: breakfast. And we’re not talking egg white frittatas here. This New Orleans-born, Mississippi-based chef shares hearty breakfast recipes from sausage cinnamon rolls to crab cake benedict to monte cristos with entertaining stories in between.

Big Bad Breakfast, $30, amazon.com