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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have all come and gone, but even last-minute shoppers can score a deal today, Free Shipping Day, when hundreds of brands waive their fees for one day—and one day only—with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. So basically, December 14 is one of the last times you can get a discount on your holiday shopping.

We scanned the stores that are participating in Free Shipping Day and picked our absolute favorite items for eleventh-hour holiday gifting. From a color-blocked teapot to a small space–friendly mini fridge, here’s what Team Domino will be scooping up today. 

Brunch MVP

Classic Round Waffle Maker by All-Clad, Williams Sonoma ($130)

No one thinks to buy themselves a waffle maker, which makes it the perfect gift. Plus now you know what’s on the menu for breakfast on Christmas morning—and it’s not Eggos.  —Julia Stevens, associate style editor


Clink, Clink

Esme Pink Champagne Coupe, West Elm ($12)

Everyone knows that champagne just tastes better in a pink coupe. I’ll get a set of four for my friend who always hosts, but I’ll probably put a couple in my cart for myself, too, because self-care! —Julie Vadnal, contributing editor

Parental Guidance

Indoor Outdoor Canvas A-Frame Tent for Kids by HearthSong, Target ($144)

Every little person loves to have their own world to retreat into, like this frame foldable tent—especially during the holidays, when adults take forever to finish dinner. Parent pro tip: Set kids up with a soft shearling, music speaker, flashlight, books—the works—and they just might doze off in there while you enjoy dessert. —Alex Redgrave, editorial director, Domino Kids

Serving Suggestion

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 1.46.42 PM
Decorative Leaf Plates, Tory Burch ($198 for set of four)

Why not serve your crudités on tiny vegetable dishes this season? It’s the ideal gift for the vegetarians in your life—or for anyone who enjoys festive dishware. I’d use them for movie night snacks, too. —Benjamin Reynaert, style director

Yours to Steep

Colorama Enamelware Tea Kettle by Bornn, Madewell ($33)

I’m not a huge tea drinker, but my mom is! This brightly colored enamelware teapot is the perfect accessory to brighten up her stovetop. —Esmé Stern, editorial assistant


Divide and Conquer

Linen Cambridge Drawer Organizers, The Container Store ($15)

I’ll be giving the gift of organization this year. I swear by drawer dividers—making the little effort to put things in their cubbies saves you so much cleanup time in the long run. —Lydia Geisel, associate editor

Doggo Dry Shampoo

Cuddly-Coat Cleansing Spritz, Kiehls ($14)

My dog hates getting wet, so this cleansing spray is the only thing I use to keep her smelling and looking good between grooming sessions. —Linda Denahan, photo director

Fashion Plate

Mosaique Au 24 Square Plate by Hermes, Neiman Marcus ($270)

I love adding touches to my home that are influenced by fashion, and this Hermès plate is the perfect way to do that. Who wouldn’t be excited to see that orange box under the tree? —Brooks Corrigan, editorial style assistant

The Cool Crowd

Portable Retro 12-Can Mini Fridge by Frigidaire, Walmart ($50)

I feel like all members of my family would have a use for this super-cute little fridge! My brother could keep his beer there, my mom could use it for her skin-care products, and my cousin could store a little snack for her baby! —Madeline Montoya, junior designer


Hit the Floor

Ivory Shag Hayes Area Rug, World Market ($200)

I’m aiming for maximum coziness this winter, and especially want to share that feeling with my loved ones back home. A comfy, plush rug reminds me of all the years I spent lounging on the floor watching A Christmas Story with my cousins. — Andie Diemer, deputy photo editor

Reading Rainbow

I love shopping for secondhand cookbooks on Abe Books. Whether I’m trying to scoop a good-as-new copy of something I’ve been curious about or a cool vintage edition of one of the classics, Abe’s has everything you could want at seriously reasonable prices. Often they’re so cheap that the shipping costs as much as the book itself, so you better believe that on Free Shipping Day I’m going ham. —Liz Mundle, managing editor

Hydration Helper

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 11.42.20 AM
Self Cleaning Water Bottle by LARQ, Nordstrom ($76)

Even though we’re working from home and therefore mere steps from the fridge, my fiancé is never without his insulated water bottle. (He’s an ice-cold water or bust kind of guy.) However, the narrow, tall vessel is a pain to wash, which in my eyes negates its usefulness. This LARQ bottle will keep his water cool for up to 24 hours and clean itself at the same time—it has a UV light that destroys 99.9 percent of germs. I’ll drink to that. —Lindsey Mather, deputy editor

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