Published on December 12, 2018

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courtesy of H&M Home

When you’re busy making your list and checking it twice, it can get easy to become overwhelmed by the holiday season. Last-minute gifting is a reality—but that doesn’t mean those gifts have to be boring or blow your budget. Thanks to H&M Home’s latest sale, we’ve scouted out plenty of presents that you can snag for $15 or less.

Assorted ceramics, trinkets, and the occasional textile make welcome gifts for everyone from your neighbor to your in-law to your yoga teacher. In lush hues that range from warm ambers and oranges to glamorous brass, they feel perfectly festive too. Best of all, you still have time to order them in time for Christmas—as long as you do so by December 18.

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Clear Glass Carafe, H&M, $9.99

A moody pink carafe is just the thing a lonely nightstand needs.

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Metal Candle Holder, H&M, $14.99

An expensive-looking brass candelabra elevates a dining room.

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Patterned Cushion Cover, H&M, $9.99

The vivid orange hue of this pillowcase infuses warmth into any space.

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Glass Toothbrush Mug, H&M, $5.99

A beautiful toothbrush cup makes a twice-daily ritual feel even more special.

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Teardrop-Shaped Mirror, H&M, $16.99

Opt for a rose gold mirror to open up a small space and give it a touch of glamour.

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Filtered Coffee Set, H&M, $14.99

A fancy pour-over coffee doesn’t have to break the bank—at $15, this carafe is a serious steal.

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Small Glass Box, H&M, $7.99

When paired with delicate jewelry—earrings or a necklace—this sweet box makes an especially darling gift.

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Scented Candle in Glass Jar, H&M, $5.99

This monochromatic candle looks luxurious at a penny-pinching budget. You might want to stockpile them.

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Metal Plant Pot, H&M, $9.99

Pair this metal planter with a hard-to-kill pothos, and you’ll have a present that will bring a smile to nearly anyone’s face.

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Metal Candlestick, H&M, $8.99

Get into the taper candle trend with a candlestick that feels especially contemporary.

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