Published on November 11, 2019

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Courtesy of Scandinavia DesignGraphic by Madeline Montoya

Cozy slippers, bath bombs, oven mitts, hand cream—these are just a few of the things on the typical “holiday gifts for mom” list. But how relevant are they to the mothers in our lives, really? Well, do all of them like Crock-Pots and Friday nights in? We didn’t think so. 

So we went straight to the source and asked the coolest moms in our lives (think: Maisonette’s Sylvana Ward Durrett, our very own executive editor, Alex Redgrave, and Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships Eva Chen, who just wrote a children’s book and launched a children’s clothing collection inspired by the characters) what they really want this year or about a past gift they still can’t stop thinking about. The results: very few aprons or body lotion and a whole lot of jewelry. 

Sylvana Ward Durrett, Cofounder of Maisonette

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Courtesy of Sylvana Ward Durrett

My husband, Adam, gave me a beautiful bracelet by Aurelia Demark with silhouettes of my three kids. I love how personal it is, and it reminds me every day of how lucky I am for my beautiful family!

Eva Chen, Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram

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Courtesy of Eva Chen

Since scheduling for the kids (and parents!) is getting harder and harder, I’d love a really beautiful calendar/planner/notebook and a fountain pen. It would be a serious upgrade to my Post-it notes and ballpoint!

Alex Redgrave, Domino Executive Editor

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Courtesy of Alex Redgrave

In partnership with De’Longhi: As a new mom and former tea-only drinker, this versatile coffee maker is exactly my need-caffeine-now speed: It heats up in 40 seconds flat and delivers fresh-ground espresso (as well as cappuccinos, iced lattes, and the like) in under a minute. (Yes, time efficiency is everything to me.) Plus, the pod-less design means less trash, happier planet.

Christine Gachot, Principal of Gachot Studios

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Courtesy of Christine Gachot

My sons Boris and Jackie surprised me one Christmas with Chris Burden’s lithograph What Is a Family? The sentiment of celebrating not only our family but recognizing that family means different things to different people made me realize that the boys get it! It brings a smile to my face every time I read it and reminds me of how blessed I am.

Nell Diamond, Founder of Hill House Home

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Courtesy of Nell Diamond

I’m obsessed with nightgowns, and I desperately need another in this style. It’s the easiest, comfiest thing to wear around the house. Unpopular opinion: I find pants of all kind very uncomfortable. My happiness level changed dramatically when I started wearing dresses to sleep!

Breegan Jane, Interior Designer on HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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Photography by Ryan Garvin

This year, I’m keeping my eye on these amazing faux fur throws by Anthropologie. They’re being offered in a wide variety of colors (if you know me, you’d guess I’d gravitate toward the teal). I’m a sucker for blankets; they offer a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up any room. Plus, who wouldn’t want to cozy up in a nice-quality one this holiday season?

TyLynn Nguyen, Lingerie Designer

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Courtesy of TyLynn Nguyen

Anything Ven Store London! Since I am a mother who travels a lot, my go-to essentials include the perfect flying attire. Ven Store has great pieces, from eye masks and socks to cashmere sets and blankets!

Ariel Okin, Interior Designer

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Courtesy of Ariel Okin

I’ve found myself gravitating more toward cross-body bags of late, so I can be hands-free with my munchkin. A vintage mini Hermès Evelyn bag (they don’t make this size anymore!) has definitely been on my radar…a mom can dream, right?