Published on November 29, 2018

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Courtesy of Scandinavia DesignILLUSTRATION BY PHUONG NGUYEN

No matter how close you are to your mother, the pressure is on when it comes to getting her the perfect gift every holiday season. While there’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to scramble for a present you hope mom will love, we get it: Time isn’t always on your side.

If your mom is a tough nut to crack (or you don’t have the time to become a private investigator overnight), we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts that are both thoughtful and useful, making them perfect for moms.

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Courtesy of Thompson Studio

Patchwork Coasters, Thompson Street Studio, $75

Kitschy color blocking and patchwork designs might be our favorite trend to emerge from the grandma-chic movement. If your mother is the party-going type who spends the majority of the night sliding coasters under people’s drinks rather than engaging in conversation, gift these cushy, cloth landing pads.

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courtesy of super good thing

Frosted Gather Vase Bundle, Super Good Thing, $95

While you can never go wrong with flowers, you can do better by coupling your bouquet with an equally inspired bundle of vessels. These frosted vases designed by Sam Anderson will turn each blossom and bunch into an artful display.

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courtesy of normann copenhagen

One Piece Organizer, Normann Copenhagen, $74

A catch-all for miscellaneous clutter, this singular, streamlined office essential will solve all of Mom’s organizing woes. Each meticulously designed slot is crafted to house every desk staple imaginable, including pens, cards, a tablet, scissors, paper clips, and phone. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this sunny yellow option pulls double duty as decor.

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Courtesy of The Line

Oil Lamp, The Line, $240

If your mother happens to be the light of your life—and a minimalist—gift this disc-like oil lamp by Ilse Crawford. With its simple polished brass base and stand-alone wick, this is a surefire way to make a statement in the dark.

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courtesy of hawkins new york

Rainbow Candle Holders, Hawkins New York, $55

There’s more to setting a great table than setting down placemats. Given their transparent makeup and subtle color, these understated, hand-blown glass holders will make for a sophisticated addition to Mom’s centerpiece collection.

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courtesy of need supply co

Flows Jug, Need Supply Co., $55

Between its two separate pouring spouts and matte white exterior, this shapely kitchen find from Muuto is like no other milk jug you’ve seen before. Sculpture or serving vessel? Let Mom decide.

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courtesy of the line

Glass Paper Weight, The Line, $32

The only thing weighing your mom down this season will be this chic paperweight. Danish designer Lotte Fynboe’s Scandinavian spin on the classic office essential is equal parts accessory and necessity.

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courtesy of gubi

Matégot Flower Pot, Gubi, $113

A graceful place for your favorite gardener to show off her beloved greens, Mathieu Matégot’s iconic perforated flower pot is a statement piece in its own right. Whether used to hold plants or left to stand on its own, this crinkled pot is the epitome of form-meets-function.  

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courtesy of another human

Aura Mirror, Another Human, Price upon request

This isn’t your average decorative mirror, this artful reflector takes a turn for the mystical. As if sprouting from its stone base like a flower, the juxtaposition between the man-made mirror and raw crystal rock take this household object to an otherworldly level.

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courtesy of matter

Cutting Boards, Matter, $890

Cooking calls for creativity. And what better place to source inspiration than from your tools themselves? Comprised of four asymmetrical boards that hang from a single, solid brass bar, this daring, design-forward addition will bring new meaning to any culinary station.

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courtesy of Fossil

Jacqueline Wink Eye Rose Gold-Tone Watch, Fossil, $135

Mom will never give you side-eye again once you gift her this charming watch. Perhaps, she’ll even think to return the favor with a matching one for you under the tree. *Wink, wink.*

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courtesy of Tomorrow Sleep

Cooling Memory Foam Pillow, Tomorrow Sleep, $99

Wouldn’t you say it’s about time you gave Mom the gift of a blissful night’s sleep? Tomorrow Sleep’s two-sided memory foam pillow is designed to feel cool on one side and cozy on the other so she can take her pick. Neck pain, begone.

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Photography by NET-A-PORTER.COM

Embroidered Silk Eye Mask by SLIP, Net-a-Porter, $45

Put Mom’s mind and dreams at ease once and for all with this ultra-soft eye mask that’s crafted from mulberry silk. Blocking out unwelcome sunlight never looked so chic.

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Photography by ALESSI

Pulcina Espresso Maker, Alessi, $150

Created by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, this stepped, stovetop espresso maker proves to be a revolutionary choice for any caffeine-crazed mama with a design-focused kitchen. Keep with the breakfast theme by pairing this with an equally durable metallic mug.

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courtesy of Kate Spade New York

Taxi Mittens, Kate Spade, $48

While city-dwelling mothers will, of course, put these cab-catching mittens to good use, so will stylish moms who like to combat the chilly temps with bright, graphic accessories. This holiday, consider slipping this chic cold-weather essential into her stocking.

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courtesy of Amazon

Switch Bluetooth Speaker, Native Union, $39.95

While some moms are super tech-savvy, other moms aren’t—which means that sometimes, a tech gift you thought was going to upgrade her life in a major way just sits in a box in a major way. No matter how savvy your mama is with technology, a chic and portable speaker is a great gift. Now, she can listen to her audiobooks or favorite tunes on the beach, in a hotel while she’s traveling, and even in the house.

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Photography by PEACH AND LILY

Sheet Masks Set, Peach and Lily, $15

Moms need to de-stress. Some people might think that gifts to spas are played out, but when was the last time you turned down a great massage? While it’s easy to buy your mom a massage and leave it at that, make the gift feel special by also gifting her a set of awesome face masks, a candle, and maybe even a brand new, extremely cozy robe. That way, she’ll feel like she’s at the spa relaxing in the comfort of her own home.