Published on January 15, 2016

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Photography by Global views
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Photography by ABC News

Looking for the perfect small something for your heart’s desire? We’ve got you covered — check out these 17 great budget-friendly gifts!

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Photography by Umbra

anigram giraffe ring holder in copper by umbra, $7.99

If you’ve recently given your gal a ring, she’ll need somewhere to keep it! Cue this friendly, but chic giraffe stand.

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Photography by Mixedmade

bees knees spicy honey by mixedmade, $15.99

If your honey knows how brings the heat, tell him with this bottle of Bees Knees! Sweet, sexy, and you can eat it! Wins all around.

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Photography by Viveltre

chocolate seduction layer s’mores by viveltre, $9.99

You really can never go wrong with chocolate. Take it up a notch with layers and s’mores and you’ve won Valentine’s Day.

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Photography by Yield

copper cup by yield, $20.99

Baby loves Moscow Mules? Mix some up with these darling cups!

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Photography by birchrose + co.

ginger + citrus lavender body polish by birchrose + co., $17.99

Know a lady who loves the spa? Let her scrub off the week’s stresses in the tub with this fresh-smelling body polish.

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Photography by voz collective

hexagon studs by voz collective, $11.99

If your Valentine’s a bit funky, pick up these painted earrings — perfect for going from workday to date night!

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Photography by soapbox gypsy

hold fast pre-shave oil by soapbox gypsy, $16.99

Here’s a gift for both of you. Give your man some scruff love and then enjoy his smooth, delicious shaved skin! Ooh la la.

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Photography by Vietri

incanto amore plate by vietri, $12.99

This plate is a fitting reminder of your love— give it to your partner for displaying jewelry, serving food, or keeping soap.

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Photography by Cardtorial

love journal by cardtorial, $23.99

Smitten with a writer? This gift screams “pen lover.”

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Photography by Gorjana

marni midi gold ring by gorjana, $24.99

This wavy ring will show some love to your gal’s midi fingers. Don’t know what that means? She will…trust us.

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Photography by Skeem

“perfect match” bottle of matches by skeem inc, $15.99

Get straight to the point with this vintage-looking bottle of matches. Great for lovers of old school style!

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Photography by The Soap & Paper Factory

neroli hand cream by the soap & paper factory, $18.49

Keep your sweetie’s hands nice and soft all winter long with this fresh and floral lotion.

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Photography by Global views

nugget bud vase in bronze by global views, $17.99

If your love has a green thumb, give her buds the royal treatment with a modern bronze vase.

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Photography by west elm

geo metal collection copper triangle cedarwood candle by west elm, $12.99

The copper color and cedarwood scent make it a beautiful compromise for a cohabitating couple.

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Photography by Helliemae’s

whiskey love bomb caramels by helliemae’s, $9.99

Give your sweet heart something for his sweet tooth! Put these flirty candies in a heart-shaped box on V-Day.

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Photography by Chronicle Books

whiskey by chronicle books, $16.99

Your dude loves bourbon, Scotch, rye…but now he’ll be an instant expert with this in-depth guide!

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Photography by West Elm

yours, mine, ours leather key rings by west elm, $19.99

Recently moved in with your honey? Keep everything straight — car, mailbox, and house keys — with these stylish rings.