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awesome grandparent gifts for kids to DIY

what's better than a cute, personalized gift from your favorite grandchild?

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potpourri simmer pouch

Kids can mix up large batches of this aromatic treat for grandparents to use all season long. The beauty of this project is that there is no hard-and-fast recipe, so it’s great for letting kids put creativity and imagination to use. Select ingredients with scents that play well together (like cinnamon sticks, dried orange peels, and dried cloves) and package in clear gift bags for gifting. Unless the potpourri will be simmered immediately, opt for dried ingredients over fresh. Mix in a few unscented but decorative ingredients (like cranberries) to kick up the visual appeal of this easy gift idea.

easy photo luminaries

For bigger kids who are handy with scissors, this is a fun project to DIY with parents. For this craft, you will need photos, vellum paper, double-sided tape, and glass jars. Simply print the photos of your choice onto vellum (readily available at craft stores) and cut to fit the glass jars of your choice. Secure with double-sided tape and light up with a votive or tealight candle. This project is great for kids and craft newbies because the steps are simple and nothing is permanent. If a mistake is made, simply start again! Look for glass jars with smooth sides that don’t taper to keep the taping process simple.

cinnamon and vanilla sugar scrub

Everyone loves a soothing sugar scrub, and kids will have fun mixing up this deliciously scented recipe. To make, mix ½ cup white sugar, ½ cup raw cane sugar, ¼ cup olive oil, ½ tsp of vanilla extract, and a few drops of essential cinnamon oil. Stir well, and store in an air-tight container until gifting. Mason or decorative glass jars from the craft store work perfectly.

tape painting

All you need is some masking tape, a canvas, and lots of paint colors. Let your kids get creative and go abstract with their design and the final product will be a graphic painting grandparents will love. For more of a challenge, encourage your child to spell out their name or a phrase like “#1 Grandma.”

dishwasher-safe sharpie mugs

Let kids personalize a special gift for the grandparents this year with a Sharpie mug. Start with oil-based Sharpie markers and plain mugs, and allow kids to create their own designs. Let them get creative and freehand or go with a template, available at craft stores or downloadable from the Internet. To ‘cure’ the mugs, bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and allow to cool completely before use.

no-cook cinnamon ornaments

This genius take on traditional salt dough is the perfect DIY gift idea for small hands. Create beautiful tree ornaments with this simple no-cook dough that is festively cinnamon scented and oh-so-fun to play with! To make, mix together 1 cup of flour, ½ cup of salt, ½ cup of cinnamon, and ¾ cup of very warm water, and knead until combined and no longer sticky. Then roll out and cut into shapes, as you would sugar cookies. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before handling. Just remember to use a straw to create a hole for the string BEFORE the dough dries.

personalized wood cutting board

This craft requires assistance from Mom or Dad, but it’s well worth it. Give the grandparents a decorative kitchen must-have they’ll use year round with this cleverly personalized cutting board. Have kids create a simple drawing onto the wood using a pencil, and then trace over the design with a wood burning tool, which are surprisingly inexpensive and available at any craft store.

handprint apron

This gift will need some prep time from parents, but is perfect for smaller children. Buy iron-on letters to make a guide for your children’s handprints and help them place their hand right where it needs to be!

felt ball coasters

So simple, even little ones will enjoy crafting these. Start with inexpensive cork coasters from the craft store and use glue to cover them with colorful felt balls until the cork is no longer visible. Fun to make and use!

chocolate covered christmas pretzels

What’s better than a sweet treat? Nothing. Kids (and adults!) will have oodles of fun dipping pretzel sticks into chocolate and sprinkling with holiday-themed candy sprinkles.

personalized ‘forever’ artwork

There are so many fun ways for little ones to express themselves through art this time of year. We’re loving this adorable newborn footprint tree. And when it’s cute enough to become a forever keepsake, there are plenty of sites dedicated to turning your kids’ art into just that—from canvas totes to magnets to coffee cups and more.

yarn star ornaments

Ornaments are a great way for kids to create lovable keepsakes for grandparents that will be rediscovered year after year come holiday time. These yarn stars couldn’t be easier to make, and can be swapped for any shape you like. Simply start with cardboard cutouts from the craft store (or create your own with scissors, using cookie cutters as stencils), and wrap with colorful yarn until the entire shape is covered. Remember to secure a string for hanging BEFORE you begin wrapping.