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Though it can be nerve-wracking to go off-registry when you’re picking a wedding gift, if you know a couple relatively well, you’ll probably be able to figure out whether or not they’d like something that they didn’t necessarily ask for. Registries are practical and helpful, but surprising newlyweds is way more exciting for both you and them. With that in mind, these special presents are guaranteed to delight.

Think Local

If the couple met in a major city, snag them a fun print of the fateful locale. This idea is especially great for couples who no longer live where they initially met, since it will serve as a sweet reminder of the early days of their love.

Manhattan City Print, $30

Help Them Plan a Date

It’s pretty much a sure thing that you’ll surprise the your newly-paired friends with this one: a fancy and fully-stocked picnic basket. This one comes with plates, wine glasses, a wine pouch, coffee mugs, a cheese board and knife, and more. Essentially, it has everything they’ll need for a seriously classy al fresco meal.

Cheshire Picnic Basket for 2 With Coffee Service, $165

Custom and Practical  

Your friends are going to need somewhere to stash their new bling, and these cute little ring dishes are both stylish and thoughtful. Customize them with the couple’s initials for a thoughtful touch.

Custom 22K Gold Monogram White Heart Ring Dish, $36.

Play to Their Interests  

If the couple loves music, give them this retro-cool record player. Its neutral palette and design fit in with almost any style of decor, and it can be used to play music directly from a phone or tablet if they don’t have any records yet.

Player Turntable, $100

Like Tiny Sculptures

File under: necessary luxuries. You probably never knew salt and pepper shakers could be this sophisticated. These marble and gold tabletop pieces make a statement but can coordinate with virtually any other dishware.

Amare Serving Set, from $195

Kitchen Upgrade  

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want a Vitamix? Even if they didn’t put it on their list of “wants,” they’ll be super psyched to get it, since this all-purpose blender makes soups, smoothies, and even nut butters in a matter of seconds.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, $600

For the Home Cook

A customized recipe box is a super thoughtful gift for a couple who loves to cook together. Instead of a three letter monogram, put the couple’s initials separated by an ampersand. You can even include a few of your favorite recipes inside to get them started.

Leaves Recipe Box, $68

Romantic Platter  

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, so it feels especially appropriate to present the lovebirds with a platter made from it. This gorgeous piece can be used for anything from serving food to pure decoration for a coffee table or dining surface. In other words, it’s sure to come in handy in the years to come.

Kiva Large Platter, $555

Classy Classics

You know what’s hard? Stocking empty bookshelves in a brand new house, which is what many newlyweds find themselves trying to do. Give them a little help with this stunning set of the classics.

Penguin Classics, Set of 20, $450

Glittery Glass

Plain glass decanters can be beautiful, but these gilded versions are really something special—which is what every freshly-married pair deserves.

Crosshatch Decanter, $148

Look Alive  

Most people probably wouldn’t think to register for hanging succulents, but they make a lovely green addition to any home.

Succulent Glass Terrarium, Set of 3, $259

Chic Candle Holder

This modern candle holder just oozes style. It’s equal parts masculine and feminine, and can stand on its own or be paired with a duplicate for a seriously stunning effect.

Double Candle Holder, $170

Tiny Storage  

A classy little box to store knick knacks is probably just what their coffee table or entryway is missing.

Marbled Rectangular Box, $68

Symbolic Sipper  

This beautiful teapot shows two worlds and styles colliding, much like a couple joining their lives forever. Not only is this piece symbolically meaningful, but it’s also beautifully-crafted.

Smeraldina Teapot, $150

Better Barware  

Who knew a bottle opener could be so elegant? If left out on a counter, one might mistake this for a miniature sculpture.

Trophy Bottle Opener, $95