Hannah Brofman’s Wedding Registry is Packed With Wellness Must-Haves

Including the nut milk processor she can't live without.
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Wellness guru and author Hannah Bronfman, who married her DJ husband Brendan Fallis in an epic Morrocan celebration in 2017, is obsessed with getting eight hours of sleep. “It’s extremely important!” she says. Which explains why some of her favorite things in her New York City home are ones that help her get the just-right about of shuteye. 

The rest of her and Fallis’ space is filled with appliances and entertaining pieces that bring them good vibes, whether they’re having friends over for dinner or just hanging at home and cooking for themselves (and then going to bed early, obviously). From the one chef’s kitchen knife that they can’t live without, to the espresso machine that provides them their morning jolt, here are the things they love today, and the things they’d register for all over again. Each one is a good—no, great—vibe.

This is what my Suzy Homemaker dreams are made of! I like buying nuts in bulk and then making any flavor nut milk.

Perfect for anyone looking to elevate their wine situation.

Having a chef’s knife makes you feel like a boss in the kitchen.

I love a good coffee-table book, especially one in which I can zone out and imagine a beach vacation.

I am more inclined to cook when I have beautiful pots. These are nice enough to keep on top of your stove.

A great accent piece for any home, whether you use them for laundry or toy storage.

My morning routine isn’t complete without a hot beverage. Insert coffee!

Waking up on the right side of the bed can actually be a reality. This artificial sunlight alarm clock is mood boosting.

A pitcher is great for adding lemon or other fruit to your water. You can even include a stick of charcoal to improve the taste.

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