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DJ, author, wellness influencer, and Trader Joe’s devotee Hannah Bronfman has quite the arsenal of cooking staples—so many that she tasked a professional with tidying up the jumbled assemblage of ingredients, pots, and random storage vessels. Bronfman’s husband, Brendan Fallis, recently shared an in-depth home tour of the couple’s just-finished Hamptons, New York, retreat on YouTube, and in it, Bronfman reveals their now supremely neat pantry, courtesy of expert organizer Ashley La Fond, founder of Of Space + Mind.

“Hannah wanted to use glass jars, which meant exercising a bit of creativity,” La Fond tells us. The pro spent a weekend at the couple’s house, leaving Bronfman and Fallis with this aesthetically pleasing arrangement of oils, spices, snacks, and more. La Fond takes us inside the transformation and shares her three top tips for maximizing a small cabinet: 

Arrange by Height 

It looks better and it’s more functional. La Fond placed taller jars in the back for staples like flour and sugar; medium-size canisters in the middle row for grains and pasta; and smaller ones for supplements, nuts, and seeds in the front. “Everything is visible, making it easy for Hannah to see what she has in each category,” shares the pro. 

Designate Zones With Different Containers

La Fond’s rule of thumb when deciding what to put where? Separate items based on what they will be used for and how often. Once you’ve grouped like products together, use multiple types of accessories to your advantage. “The items on the lazy Susans are things we knew Hannah and Brendan would reach for frequently, so we placed them on the middle shelves to keep them accessible,” explains La Fond. Duplicates and condiments live in acrylic bins on the top shelf, while canned goods and smoothie staples are placed in open metal baskets on the bottom. 

Decant, Decant, Decant 

Packaging can take up a ton of space, so transfer items to glass jars to maximize every square inch (not to mention, it creates a streamlined display). La Fond’s number-one tip: “Find ones that are stackable!” When you see what you have, you waste less. Double win.

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