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Hannah Bronfman is many things: author, wellness guru, DJ, and…secret Trader Joe’s devotee? In a recent Instagram post, Bronfman took her followers along on a shopping trip to her local outpost. We learned when it’s okay to not buy organic (if you’re peeling the skin) and what kind of avocados to buy (the ones sans stem). We discovered that Bronfman always brings her own bags to avoid plastic-wrapped food. There were debates on juice, there were cart wars, and above all there was plenty of meal inspiration. 

By the end of her trip, Bronfman’s cart was filled with cauliflower gnocchi, zucchini—“They’re a great filler vegetable”—turkey jerky, Everything But the Bagel seasoning, and almond butter dark chocolate cups. (We can only presume the last item is headed straight for her nightstand as part of her daily nighttime routine.)

From her go-to snack to a veggie-friendly weeknight dinner, here’s what Bronfman is making with her Trader Joe’s loot: 

The Taco Tuesday Alternative

Bronfman uses jackfruit as a meat substitute, and recommends making it jerk-style for tacos. “It actually smells crazy and scary but is really delicious when marinated,” she says.  

The Bizarre Snack Combo (That Actually Works)

Bronfman made a pit stop for cucumbers because they’re currently her favorite snack when paired with—wait for it—cottage cheese. It might sound strange, but we won’t knock it until we try it. 

The Salty Side Dish

“Okay, they’re saying you can make this as a pasta swap, but immediately looking at these, I would totally make them into french fries,” says Bronfman about TJ’s Butternut Squash Zig-Zags. She plans on roasting them with some garlic salt—the perfect autumnal treat. 

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