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Working at a magazine definitely has its perks, but, as with any job, it can also mean late nights and desk lunches. So when we can find time-saving ingredients, like multipurpose seasonings or ready-made snacks, and they also taste delicious, you know we’re all over it. Enter: Trader Joe’s.

To say team Domino had a hard time narrowing down our list of the best TJ’s products to just 10 might be the understatement of the century, but here it is: Our favorite, must-have, always-in-our-carts items—from fancy pastas to the spices that will revolutionize any meal (hello, Everything Bagel Seasoning, you beautiful creation). We suggest you bookmark this story for your next trip to the store, and be sure to let us know about your own favorite TJ’s finds—we’re always looking to add to our pantries. 

Digital Editor Rebecca Deczynski’s Pick: Chili Lime Seasoning Blend

This spice isn’t dissimilar from Tajín, my beloved Mexican chili-lime powder, but its consistency is a little finer. It’s perfect for sprinkling on virtually anything for a spicy-sour kick that makes you want more and more. I’ve dusted popcorn, vegetables, and even tofu with the stuff, to great results. These days, I buy two at a time to make sure I always have some handy.

Digital Editorial Assistant Lydia Geisel’s Pick: Israeli Couscous

I’ll drive 30 minutes out of my way just to go to Trader Joe’s and pick up a few boxes of the Israeli Couscous. While it’s a little tricky to make (sometimes I’ll end up overtoasting it before I add the water), when you get it right, the texture is so good. I love serving it with cucumber, avocado, tomato, and a squeeze of lemon. 

Brand Partnerships Visual Director Meghan McNeer’s Pick: Candy

I’m here for the gummies. The Scandavian Swimmers and Gummy Tummies (think: TJ’s does the gusher in a penguin gummy form) are perfect for an afternoon sugar high. Pro tip: Freeze the Scandavian Swimmers for an extra-cool factor. 

Editor in Chief Jessica Romm Perez’s Pick: Thai Lime and Chile Cashews

Thai Lime and Chile Cashews now and forever. These snack-tastic nuts always hit the spot. They’re salty and delicious with just the right amount of heat. Also, just sayin’, TJ’s bagged arugula is one of the best deals in town. 

Managing Editor Liz Mundle’s Pick: Striped Garganelli

There’s something supremely satisfying about an unfamiliar pasta shape. It makes a weeknight dinner feel a little more sophisticated than my standard Tuesday night fare, and therefore somehow more delicious. I love Sfoglini pastas, but at $10 a pop they’re more like a treasure than a pantry staple. Trader Joe’s pastas are a perfect antidote—totally affordable, but they elevate even the simplest pasta dishes! I favor the pink-and-white Striped Garganelli. 

Editorial Assistant Esmé Stern’s Pick: Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims

I am seriously addicted to the Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims. The perfect ratio of sweet and salty, they’re great to put out for guests during a game night—or just crunch on solo. A piece of advice: You’ll want multiple bags. The first won’t survive the opening credit sequence of your evening TV routine. (I would know.) 

Senior Home Editor Gabrielle Savoie’s Pick: Authentic Greek Feta

I add feta to (almost) everything: scrambled eggs, fresh summer salads, easy weeknight pasta. The salty flavor is so satisfying and makes everything tastes a little better. I always keep blocks of it in the fridge and buy it in bulk. The Authentic Greek Feta from Trader Joe’s has just the right texture: Not too mushy, not too hard, it’s easy to crumble over anything for extra oomph, and it tastes amazing!

Executive Editor Alex Redgrave’s Pick: Anchovies

My too-lazy-to-cook meal is a Caesar salad (or “The Redgrave,” as a friend calls it) that my entire family makes. The recipe is secret but it does involve anchovies, so I keep a few tins from Trader Joe’s in the fridge, since the other ingredients are easy to grab at the grocery store. 

Associate Digital Editor Elly Leavitt’s Pick: Aioli Garlic Mustard

My entire kitchen is basically an homage to Trader Joe’s, but my newest favorite is the Aioli Garlic Mustard. I could write odes to this condiment (and I basically already have) because it’s such a great multipurpose product. I use it to give sandwiches a spicy kick, as a simple salad dressing (just mix with olive oil), and as the base for a foolproof marinade for chicken. 

Deputy Editor Lindsey Mather’s Pick: Unexpected Cheddar

My last meal would be a cheese plate, and it would definitely include Jasper Hill Farm’s Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. But TJ’s Unexpected Cheddar is a great alternative if I can’t get to my neighborhood cheese shop. It’s actually a blend—there’s some Parmesan in there—which gives it that sharpness and crumbly texture we all want in an aged cheese. Oh, and it’s only $3.99.

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