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Thought blooms were only for your bouquet? Now there’s another place florals are making an appearance at weddings: in the menu. Flower-infused food and drink are on the rise — here’s how to incorporate them into your wedding day menu.

1. Flowery cocktails.

A signature drink infused with a floral scent is perfect for a spring or summertime big day. You can add floral flavor to drinks in a few different ways: – Muddle the petals, just like you’d muddle mint for a mojito. It releases their fragrance and flavors into whatever liquid you mix it with. – Use a floral simple syrup. Simple sugar is a sweetener staple in cocktails. You can make your own, adding flowers at the end for that fresh flavor. – Serve bloom-infused booze. You’ve heard of flavored vodkas, right? Rather than flavoring the spirit with a fruity flavor, simply use flowers instead.

Intrigued? Try these recipes: rosewater lemonade with vodka from Design Love FestFrolic & Detour’s made with bourbon and hibiscus, and Craft + Cocktail’s Elderflower Spanish gin and tonic.

2. Floral salads.

Since these plants are inherently sweet, they haven’t quite made their way to main entrees — but they do work well in salads. Not only will fresh flowers give your first course an unusual twist, but it’ll also make them look prettier than ever.

Inspired? Share these recipes with your caterer: purple kale and pansy salad from The View From the Great Island, micro-leaf and edible flower salad from My Cooking Hut, or the eat-your-garden salad from Sunset Magazine.

3. Flower-flavored desserts.

From cupcakes to macarons, florals have made a major statement in the dessert department. There are countless ways to bring blooms to your savory sweets display: it could be as big as a rose-flavored tier of your cake, or as small as lavender-flavored macarons as your favors.Mouth-watering? Send these sweets to your baker: lavender rose ice cream fromSugar Hero, lemon naked layer cake with pansies from Buttered Side Up, rose and ginger cupcakes from Martha Stewart, and chamomile cake with honey frosting from A Cozy Kitchen.

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