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rice krispie treat cake

A childhood classic reappears in a slightly more mature and deceptively cake-like form. Covered in frosting and a healthy scoop of rainbow sprinkles, it looks almost as pretty as it tastes.

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cheese cake

The closest you will get to cheesecake sans the sugar. Who could resist a multi-level cheese wheel structure as beautifully put-together as this?

pie cake

We’re all pretty much familiar with the pie bar in lieu of a wedding cake alternative, but this? Layer upon layer of delectable pies, stacked to emulate an actual cake. Gimme.

waffle cake

A brunch staple is reinvented in the form of a delicious waffle cake. Layers of crisp Belgian waffles are paired with whipped cream, fresh berries, and a generous maple syrup drizzle.

cream puff cake

We would take a pile of cream puffs, neatly layered on a cake stand, over cake just about any day. These delicate sweets come paired with a vibrant slew of summer florals and a generous dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

chocolate chip cookie cake

Oversized cookie rounds bound by multiple layers of decadent frosting puts a new spin on the concept of a cookie cake.

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donut cake

Is it just us or are these notoriously indulgent treats best consumed in the form of a cake?

brownie cake

Baking not your forte? Don’t sweat it. If it weren’t for the crisp tops and edges, we’d hardly be able to tell that this wasn’t a standard chocolate cake. Using instant brownie mix, make a few layers (varied in size) and stack to create a tiered confection! Garnish it on top with a heavy scoop of chocolate syrup, for good measure.

almond crepe cake

With delicate layers of raspberry rose cream, it would be hard to tell that this heavenly confection is anything but a cake.

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fresh watermelon cake

Watermelon-flavored cake? Nope, it’s really a cake made entirely from a watermelon! Simply cut the watermelon in the shape of a cake and camouflage with heavy whipping cream “frosting”.

Get the recipe on Sprinkle Bakes.

pancake cake

Pressed for time? Consider transforming classic flapjacks into a heavenly pile that can pretty much double as a cake. Top with a dusting of confectionary sugar and a handful of fresh summer berries.

popcorn cake

It hardly gets easier than a five-ingredient cake, complete with all the gooey, marshmallow goodness the heart could possibly want.

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macaron cake

Is there anything quite like a brimming tower of macarons? We didn’t think so. Neatly piled and colorfully aligned, this is one stack of confections we wouldn’t be able to resist.

swedish sandwich cake

Yielding completely on the savory side, this sandwich-inspired cake features a round of sour-dough, cream cheese, cucumbers, and more!

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churro cake

These sugary treats make for a surprisingly easy confectionary medium for building a cake out of nothing. We’ll take alternating rows of churros, stockpiled up on a cake stand, to double as a cake any day.


Whether it comes in the form of a croquembouche, or simply a lazy pile of eclairs, it’s quite easy to shape these desserts into a cake-like creation.

the actual fake cake

When your cake is earmarked to be more decor and less dessert, it doesn’t hurt to get a little creative. Case in point? A cake composed entirely of styrofoam, eerily shaped to look like the real thing.

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sushi cake

For the sushi enthusiast who just can’t seem to get enough, why not opt for it in the form of a cake?

oreo cake

Ditch the standard party confection for your next fete in lieu of something a bit more playful. Arranging your favorite packaged treat in a pile that looks deceptively similar to the real thing. For as intricately designed and perfect as this is, one may hardly even notice it’s not an actual cake.

pastry cake

An eye-catching mix of delicate pastries and a stunning arrangement of summer roses are tiered to emulate a faux wedding cake. The colorful and inviting design is pure perfection!

fruit meringue

We love a good meringue, with its crisp outer shell and soft, chewy center – is there anything like it? So when it comes to consuming it in the form of a cake, we’re thinking, the bigger, the better. Similar to the classic Pavlova, this colorful creation is an absolute must-try! Toppings in the form of edible flowers, fresh fruit, and summer berry preserves highly encouraged.

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cake shooters

When you just can’t seem to settle on one particular flavor, why not go for them all? An assorted mix of cake shooters, displayed in the form of a pyramid, make for quite a great alternative to cake.