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by Bailey Swilley
Turn your next dinner with friends into an indoor garden party with this delightfully strange centerpiece.

Maybe your bathroom needs some lightening up. Opt for this friendly pattern!

Your feet deserve some spring lovin’ too.


Toss your laundry in here or keep other must-haves (yoga mats, umbrellas, sneakers) in here by the door.

Make a big statement with this gorgeous textile by artist Paule Marrot.

These coasters are way more adorable than water stains on your coffee table.

No watering required for this beautiful garden for your bed or couch.


Let spring bloom in your home in a more permanent way with this classic, cheerful wallpaper.

Surround yourself with greenery, thanks to this amazing airplant frame!

Put some pep in your plant’s step with this funky planter.

Curl up with this cozy blanket on chilly movie nights or Sundays on the porch.


These are sure to be a big hit at your next tapas party. Don’t have tapas parties? You will with these.

Love a minimal floral? You’re welcome.

Word on the street is “lettuce ware” is coming back in style. We’re all in.

Make your space smell like fresh blooms without keeping your vase stocked.


Store everything from clothes to books to photos in these vibrant baskets from Bali.

Nothing says spring like the fresh smell of a white t-shirt. Get that smell wherever you want with this spray by the Laundress.

Seasonal allergies just got way cuter.

No green thumb? No problem.


Get inspired to garden or just admire these beautiful green homes.

Light up your back patio, front entrance, or keep perky lantern indoors in a space like your office or kitchen!

Bring a piece of your last tropical vacation next to your bedside with this funky piece.

Spruce up your kitchen or dining space with the floral colors of these string ball lights.


Skip the boring primary colors and go with these funky, tropical balloons at your next spring fling.

Warm weather might inspire cheerful baking, so get started with this gorgeous book by Peggy Porschen.

Lounge in this funky chair indoors or outdoors!

If you’re a bit of a minimalist looking for some flair, these will be perfect for your windows this season!


Serve up snacks in this classy number by Juliska.

Because who doesn’t want to be reminded of candy before bed?

Clean, classic, and young… these are great to wake up in!

Update your kid’s room with this playful spring-themed dresser!


Everyone needs a little friend to hold up their phone.

Fancy a fancy cocktail? Of course you do, the weather’s beautiful! These quirky napkins will help.

Get more seating in your space with this friendly but unobtrusive pouf.

This season screams whimsy. So does this tray.