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14 houses where the pets are in charge

pampered pooches, spoiled felines, and coddled chickens.

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by Marni Fogelson

From a $35,000 home renovation designed make a home more cat-friendly to a room just for pets to chill to a custom doggie door, pet owners will go to great lengths to make their furry and winged friends as comfy as possible. We’re just lucky that our pets don’t experience FOMO or peruse Instagram regularly-they would be hounding us for some serious home upgrades. Forunately for us, we can still sneak a peek and live the good life vicariously through these very well-appointed pets.

Photography by @friendsoffinn

casa remodeled for cats This kitchen is just one of the rooms that a California home owner redesigned (to the tune of $35,000) to make his abode a true playground for his 18 (!) cats.

doggie den No expense was spared on this hang pad for pups. These pampered pooches have separate bedrooms, furniture that begs to be sprawled upon, high ceilings, and even a chandelier (since even dogs can understand the importance of good lighting).

hanging walkways The only problem with these amazing walkways? Your cat may never, ever deign to touch the ground again.

pool play You know this picture wasn’t snapped during a dip at the local YMCA. Little Muffy probably doesn’t want to ruin her blowout by getting wet, so custom pet floatables are a must.

shower station These pooches have their very own shower station, conveniently located near an exterior door. White-tiled and perfectly sized, this shower space would also be great to hose down any muddy, messy household children as well.

a hidden-away getaway Cozy and quaint, yet still decadent for a dog. This under-the-stairs doggie getaway has a great outside view, canine-themed art, and even a little hanging hook for bags, collars, or other walking needs.

geometric cat staircase Cats can climb up and down in style using this modern, geometric cat staircase. In minimalist white, the shape and design really pop; various levels keep cats active while they watch the wanderings of their humans.

personalized doggie door Even pups can make a dramatic entrance or exit with their own bespoke doggie door. We love that this carefully crafted door has its own welcome mat, plants that flank the doorway, and a personalized awning.

tricked-out chicken coop We haven’t given much thought to chicken coops design, but we think this coop’s inhabitants should be laying golden eggs to earn their room and board. Between the stone turret dwelling with a balcony to the enclosed greenhouse-like space for chickens to wander and peck, this is the home to some lucky clucks.

pets going private Of course Marc Jacobs’s dog has his own Instagram @nevillejacobsand is no stranger to getting dolled up. This pic of Neville and friends ready to go on vacation in a private jet pretty much says it all. For more pets in private planes, go to @richdogsofig.

separate dog staircase A separate staircase for pets? Why not? Smaller steps make climbing easier and safer for pets. The dual staircases also add visual contrast and depth to the space.

multilevel dog house You can’t expect Fido to hang out indoors all day. This doghouse adds a twist the traditional wooden design by making it a two-level retreat. All the better to spy squirrels or other backyard interlopers.

angled shelf cat walk A design that’s actually doable on most people’s budgets. This angled shelf cat walk and scratching pad only requires only a little space and the requirement that you hang up pictures or knickknacks elsewhere.

a cozy spot Internet sensation Toast @toastmeetsworld can be found in plenty of glam locales, but she likes to cuddle up and relax in front of the tube as much as the rest of us. Her version, with a chevron blankie and what appears to be her own personal chair, is just slightly more posh.