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Decorating with a monochromatic palette can have its fair share of challenges: Variety in design may be an obvious one, maintaining an element of interest a close second. And yet, even with all things considered, we still find ourselves drawn to the idea of a tablescape centered around a single hue. Skeptical? We don’t blame you. Read on for a complete breakdown for styling an elegant table with a single hue, and click here to shop the collections.

Select a Shade

Begin with a monochrome palette to set the tone. Opt for florals, linens, and tableware in variations of the chosen hue. A subtle element of contrast is always a good idea as it will instill a dynamic layer to the table.

Introduce Pattern

When it comes to setting the centerpiece, mix and match vessels of the same color family to add interest to the table. Opt for patterned pieces, such as these fun finds from Lenox’s assorted line, which come in an eclectic range of sizes for a multi-dimensional feel. Fill the vases with florals of a similar palette to seal the deal.

Mix and Match

Mix formal styles with the informal, all while staying within a chromatically homogenous range. Alternate each place setting around the table, allowing the playful pairing of patterns to set the mood.

Elevate with Textiles

Not only do linens introduce a fresh textural component to the table, but they impart the scene with a delicate touch and, more often than not, a color detail that falls on the lighter spectrum of an intended palette.

DIY & Done

DIY place cards to match the centerpiece by using watercolor to mimic the design of the vases. A simple swipe of the brush will do the trick! Garnish each place setting with a leftover floral sprig from the centerpiece to complete the scene.

Video by Cody Guilfoyle and Aaron Bengochea Styling by Kate Berry