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It’s officially the time of year when everything is at its peak. Fall flowers are at their finest (we’re looking at you anemones and dahlias) and everything is out in full force at the farmer’s market (just look at those heirlooms).

Inspired by an autumnal palette, our Domino by Lenox Gradiance Collection for Anthropologie is our newest go-to for elevating our entertaining game at every meal. Drawing from our love for an ombre detail, Gradiance epitomizes the decorative phenomenon with an organic disposition. Think fresh florals featured in a slew of rich tones or a plate full of heirloom tomatoes, which encapsulate just about every hue from yellow to red.

While the palette skews towards the soft and romantic, it still manages to embody a dynamic detail. The warmth of the nude-meets-blush alludes to a color spectrum one may come to find in nature, sparked with a contemporary twist. Here are a few ways to make your next brunch or dinner draw from the natural beauty of the season.

Freshly Picked

Take advantage of harvest time by checking out your local farmers market or your own garden to make a tablescape inspired by what’s in season. Scatter seasonal veggies and fruits onto the table to act as both a centerpiece and something for guests to snack on within reach.

Green Thumb

A house plant’s lifespan is (thankfully) much longer than freshly cut stems. Try incorporating some larger leaves from a healthy indoor plant, like a palm or ficus, and add it into a vase with some fresh flowers. For additional texture, a vine of grapes or tomatoes will make it look good enough to eat. Bonus: Guests actually can!

Center of Attention

There’s no shortage of stunning purples in the form of figs and dates or deep reds thanks to a solid cherry harvest to add color to your table. Display a fruit at each plate instead of place cards or group a few in smaller dishes and scatter them around the table.

Garden Variety

Whether you’re hoping to extend summer meals or jump right into autumn, find inspiration from your plates. Focus on incorporating some crop stars that are easy on the eye and the palette. A pink-striped plate is the perfect vessel for a mix of sauteed red onions and heirloom tomatoes.

Pattern Play

We’re here for the stripe hype. A mix of patterns looks super sophisticated when they stay in the same palette. Don’t be afraid to stay within the same design with plates, linens and even utensils.

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