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Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

Theme 1: Traditional, With a Twist

Traditional doesn’t have to mean stuffy. These days, brides-to-be are getting creative with bridal shower decor that showcases their personalities in a fun, modern way while still remaining timeless and effortlessly chic. The key to throwing the perfect

bridal brunch

? Mixing and matching your tablescape; which, thanks to Lenox’s stylish designs, has never been easier. Here’s how we put together the perfect bridal fete that’s anything but basic.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE


Create an Unexpected

Table RunnerIn lieu of a tablecloth, try a bold table runner. Spray paint palm leaves for a unique and inexpensive table backdrop. They’ll bring a natural feel to your table and are an easy DIY you can do in a matter of minutes. 2.

Pick Your Pastels 

Make sure your mixing and matching isn’t too random by sticking to a color scheme. Softer hues add that classic bridal feel, but mix in various pastels to keep your palette from looking too one-note. Here, elegant French Perle Lenox plates in blue tones stand out against the neutral linens and table runner. 3.

Have Fun With the Flowers

Nix vases and mix in florals with the food directly on the table itself. Not only does this create a more casual vibe, but it’s a great way to add some pops of color against the soft-toned backdrop.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE


Rethink the Edible Centerpiece

Try a multifunctional centerpiece made out of items you’ve already incorporated into your table. Lenox French Perle Platters filled with flowers and donut towers are a statement-making modern twist on the traditional floral centerpiece. Plus, being able to eat the decor leads to a much easier clean-up.


Make the Food Part of the Decor 

Choose edible plants like chamomile or hibiscus to make your accent pieces work double duty: When the meal is over, you can turn your flowers into fragrant teas. Bring out elements of the color palette, like the green from the table runner or the pink from the napkins, in the food itself by opting for treats like matcha tea cakes and raspberries.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE
Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

Theme 2: Colorful Classics

For the bride-to-be who wants to celebrate with a fun, casual affair, try this fresh spin on a classic tradition. With a few artful touches, you can create a get-together that showcases your personality without skimping on style. Inspired by Lenox’s chic designs, we put together a striking tablescape that packs a perfectly bold punch for the bride who’s not afraid to make a statement. 1.

Coordinate Your Color Palette 

These elegant Lenox plates make a great starting point; they’re simple enough that they don’t overpower, but not so minimalist that they disappear into the decor. From there, opt for fabrics, glassware, and even finger foods that complement your chosen palette to take your design to the next level. 2.

Go Graphic 

After you’ve settled on a color palette, make it graphic by incorporating patterns in lieu of basic solids. Bold stripes and pretty florals make the accessories really pop. Opt for your favorite colors, and bring those out through punchy patterns and vibrant hues in every aspect of the table setting, like these beautiful Lenox Butterfly Meadow dishes.    3.

Mix & Match 

A good rule of thumb for mixing and matching is picking one thing as the focal point for the tablescape and going off of that for the rest of the decor. Pull designs in a similar palette to keep the look cohesive, and choose items that complement rather than mimic the exact design of your focal point.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE


Forego A Centerpiece 

A more laid-back bridal shower merits a more laid-back set-up process, so don’t stress about finding an opulent centerpiece. Instead, have your table focus on bringing together the graphic colors and patterns you love and let them be the main event (along with the food, of course).


Modernize the Menu 

Where traditional tea sandwiches are made with butter or cream cheese, swapping those out for a vibrant beet hummus or pesto spread is an easy update to make your fête contemporary and colorful. Here, the greens, purples, and oranges of the setting are reflected in each delicious—and visually appealing—food item, from the blood orange beverage to the salmon-topped finger sandwiches.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE
Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE