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It started with a call to poison control. In 2018, distracted on the phone, Jordan Nathan accidentally left a Teflon-coated pan on his burner for almost 45 minutes. The apartment filled with fumes, he started feeling nauseous, and he eventually discovered he had Teflon poisoning. All in all, not the best way to end a meal—but it did inspire Nathan to find a solution. That would be Caraway, a brand-new DTC cookware brand that just launched today.

On top of the fact that we would like our sauté pans not to poison us, the industry is in expansion mode (hello, Great Jones, Our Place, Equal Parts…), making it more and more confusing to navigate; how are you supposed to know which five-quart pot is best suited for your stews? To address our worries, Caraway’s nonstick pieces are all ceramic-coated and free of PTFE, PFOA, and any other scary acronyms. Teflon, begone. Plus, the set is a one-and-done purchase—you get four workhorses that will last for ages and cut down on product waste down the line (no need to swap out that peeling saucepan every few years!). 

Courtesy of Caraway

As we collectively put more emphasis on sustainability in every part of our lives, it makes a lot of sense to start here. “We have nothing but praise for organic, keto, Whole30…but if you’re spending the time to eat healthy, the actual products and tools you use to prepare those meals should be just as healthy too,” explains Nathan. For him, wellness in the kitchen begins with making sure you have the right nontoxic equipment (like cookware, hint hint, nudge nudge) but goes beyond that to include environmental changes. For example, peppering in plants that filter out airborne toxins, running a vent if you cook with a gas stove to avoid fumes, and choosing eco-friendly cleaners

It also doesn’t hurt to have pots and pans that make you want to cook. With three on-trend colors and two neutrals, inspired by the subdued tones of Heath Ceramics, Caraway is offering some seriously stylish options. In an ideal world, the hardest decision you have to make about your kitchen tools isn’t safety related; it’s choosing between terracotta pink and sage green. For what it’s worth, Nathan’s favorite is the latter.

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