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As much as you may love the feel of a freshly tidied home, the lingering chemical smells will always put a damper on it. No one should have to inhale toxic sprays in the name of streak-free mirrors! Luckily, companies like Blueland and Public Goods are coming to our rescue with eco-friendly alternatives to our go-to cleaning products. Not only do these cleaners smell like a spa, they’re actually effective. The fact that the packaging is super-chic is just an added bonus. Here are seven to check out:

If your floors attract dust bunnies by the dozen… 

Wood + Floors Large Concentrate, Supernatural ($60)

Keep them looking shiny and new with this plant- and essential oil–based cleaner. Mix 12 ounces of filtered water with one ounce of this fragrant concentrate in a bucket, and whip out the mop. (It works on laminate, vinyl, and concrete surfaces, too.) 

If you dread tackling the bathroom…

Bathroom Cleaner, Public Goods ($5.75 with membership)

Public Goods’s no-fuss spray will make your space smell like lemon and rosemary, without any harsh chemicals, of course. Use this brand to wash away soap scum and stains on everything from the bathtub tiles to the vanity sink. 


If you’re all about efficiency…

All-Purpose Cleaner, Murchison-Hume ($9)

Pick a multipurpose surface cleaner you won’t be ashamed to leave out. Murchison-Hume’s recycled-plastic bottle looks like a fancy hand soap container, and its white grapefruit–scented recipe is nontoxic. Use it on high-traffic spots like doorknobs and kitchen counters to keep bacteria at bay. 

If you live in a small space…

The Clean Up Kit, Blueland ($29)

Instead of bulky cleaning supplies, pick up this kit, which comes with three different types of cleaners for every surface. Blueland’s model uses tablets (which you dissolve in water before spraying) instead of premixed soaps, making it especially eco-friendly—you can reuse the same sleek bottle for life. 

If you’re on a budget…

Lavender Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, Mrs. Meyers ($4)

Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products come in virtually every scent under the sun, and you can typically find them at your local grocery store. Pick the multi-surface everyday cleaner and revel in the fact that it’s made from essential oils and other plant-based ingredients. 

If you don’t want to sacrifice your all-white-everything aesthetic…

All Purpose Cleaner, Common Good ($7)

Choose an all-purpose formula with minimalist packaging that won’t clash with your style. This one is great for all nonporous surfaces and safe for kids, pets, and Mother Earth. Plus, it’s biodegradable and smells like bergamot. What’s not to love?


If stain-fighting vinegar has always been your go-to…

Scented Vinegar, The Laundress ($12)

The Laundress’s vinegar-based product will take care of everything from crumb-littered kitchen counters to grimy bathroom tiles, but without that nose-tingling scent. All you’ll smell is eucalyptus and hints of pine, rose, lily of the valley, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and thyme.

Happy cleaning! 

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