Published on February 19, 2016

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by Robin Reetz

Let’s face it: Keeping up a solid, well-designed, beautiful home takes way more than just good taste. It takes elbow grease, hard work, and solid cleaning products – like it or not. But what do you do with all of said products when your cleaning day is over and done with? Maybe that cabinet under your sink is getting full, or perhaps you live in a smaller space that lacks storage solutions. Whatever the case, sometimes  cleaning products are left visible – and it isn’t pretty.

Until now. Keep your home smelling fresh with a few cleaning products that look as good as they work…or work as good at they look. You get the idea.

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Photography by BONDIWASH.COM

Bondi Wash Bench Spray, $22

Want to kill over 99% of germs in your home, leave it smelling like a delicious, herb-filled garden, and keep things aesthetically pleasing? 

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Common Good All Purpose Spray, $19

This spray will clean everything in your home without leaving any trace of poor design (or chemicals) behind. Better yet, the glass bottle will leave you feeling extra fancy.

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Photography by DRBRONNER.COM

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner, $8.99

It’s hard to argue with a classic when it comes to cleaning, and Dr. Bronner’s is about as classic as they come. This product only contains natural ingredients, is 100% cruelty free, AND has a really great color and text situation going on with the label. Brave, Dr.

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Photography by MURCHISON-HUME

Murchison-Hume Ladies’ Bathroom Cleaner, $9

Get rid of germs, grime, and keep your bathroom looking cute with this all can’t miss, all natural cleaner. And don’t forget about the Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner, while you’re at it.

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Photography by METHODHOME.COM

Method <3 Rebecca Atwood Gel Hand Wash, $3.49

Just a really pretty soap bottle designed by Rebecca Atwood for under $4, NBD.

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Photography by MRSMEYERS.COM

Mrs. Meyers Bluebell Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, $3.99

Mrs. Meyers is kind of a modern-classic when it comes to hard working, nice-smelling cleaning products. The easy-on-the-eyes branding and coloring guarantees it to be one of the most enjoyable products in your cleaning cabinet.

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Photography by TWOSON.CO

Palo Santo Bundles, $5

Now THIS is an air freshner we really and truly wouldn’t mind seeing around the house. Palo Santo wood is a natural incense known to purify and cleanse. It will keep the air in your space clean and fresh, without giving you that whole over-the-top, chemical feeling of so many other scents.