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Every year, the World Happiness Report releases its ranking of, you guessed it, the happiest countries on earth. And every year, a Scandinavian nation tops that list. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden—they continue to prove they’ve got the whole quality of life thing down pat. Their secret? While free health care and good work-life balance definitely have something to do with it, there are probably some intangibles you have to experience to really grasp. Fortunately, we know how to get you over there—for free. But you better hurry up, because in a week the opportunity will be gone.

In April, IKEA announced that it would send one person to Copenhagen to help the brand figure out whether or not our Nordic counterparts are as happy as we’ve been led to believe. The lucky winner (who will be given the amazing official title of “happiness hunter”) will travel to Denmark on the company’s dime, where they will move into an average Danish home and live on an average Danish salary for two weeks. Their days will be spent chatting with locals and exploring the area, and when they work up an appetite, they can have as many Swedish meatballs from the IKEA restaurant as they want (!).

“As long as you’re equipped with a large dose of curiosity and have the courage to get involved in the investigation and share it with the rest of the world, you might just be the right person for the job,” Lene Gaarde, country communication manager at IKEA Denmark, shared in a statement. 

Other requirements? You have to be at least 18 years old and ready for your moment in the spotlight. (In addition to documenting your experience through a blog on IKEAHomeView.com, you’ll be followed by a crew that will release a mini documentary about your two-week pursuit.) 

While the trip, which is valued at a whopping $8,000, won’t take place until September, the window to apply is coming to a close. Submissions—which can be sent here—are due no later than July 1, which gives you enough time to tell IKEA why you’re the perfect match for the job and send your boss an OOO request. 

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