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Sasha Bikoff is not a minimalist. Anyone who has seen her work knows this. Her projects are a blend of everything from ’60s space-age design to ’80s Memphis Milano; more is most definitely more. Take, for example, her punchy collaboration with Versace or the Miami Vice–inspired fitness studio she designed. 

So it was a surprise to discover that not only is Bikoff an IKEA shopper, but one of her favorite finds is as simple as it gets—and yet still vibes with her signature playful style. Specifically, the Lampan table lamp. 

Hacks photo
Lampan Table Lamp, Ikea ($10)

“I was doing a mermaid-themed party on the beach at night, and couldn’t use candles because of the wind, so I put a bunch of these lamps on the table,” explains Bikoff of her most recent IKEA purchase. “They are really cute and small in proportion!” 

Using mini lamps to line a dinner table is definitely a novel idea—though we wouldn’t expect anything less from the woman who made every surface in her Kips Bay Decorator Show House space a different pattern. Here’s how she Bikoff-ed the basic item: After lining the table with the lamps, she layered in everything from peonies and wildflowers to shells and fresh fruit. The lights may be pared back, but that doesn’t mean the finished product has to be.

“They are super-affordable and perfect for an event—plus, they’re simple and can blend in with any design,” says the designer. “The lamps stood out to me because they’re extremely functional and don’t need to be plugged into a wall.”

It’s true; the Lampan light’s best feature is its versatility. You can repurpose them time and time again, creating entirely new scenes just by switching up the color palette and theme of the details. Bikoff definitely plans to. “They’re easy to store, and I can reuse them for other parties or even throw them away and not feel guilty because of the price.” At under $10 a pop, she has a point. 

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