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As the weather grows increasingly colder, more and more folks are looking for that one perfect outdoor accessory to keep them warm while not acting as an eyesore. And ever since last year, we’ve seen one popular backyard addition sell out at rapid rates: firepits. If your bookmarked picks are flying off the shelves, worry not. Amanda Seyfried just introduced us to an in-stock option—and the best part? It’s on sale. 

Celebrity photo
Bonfire Fire Pit, Solo Stove ($249)

After noticing the actor’s cozy setup on her Instagram Stories, we discovered that she opted for Solo Stove’s best-selling Bonfire model. Smoke- and ashless, the Bonfire uses strategically placed holes in the pit’s base to suck in air and create a strong flame, resulting in hardly any cleanup. Not to mention the lack of smoke makes it easy on the lungs and eyes.

Unlike other similar products, the Bonfire is portable (it only weighs 20 pounds), so it can be easily moved from spot to spot if you want to shift locations halfway through the evening. It wasn’t clear whether or not Seyfried toasted any tasty treats, but if you’re in the mood, Solo also sells stainless steel roasting sticks for all your marshmallow and hot dog needs. Shop similar styles, below.