The Best Smokeless Firepits Range From Cocktail Hour–Appropriate to Beach Portable

And you won’t walk away spritzed with smoke eau de parfum.
Smokeless Fire Pits

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If it seems like all your friends upgraded their backyards with an outdoor firepit last summer, you aren’t crazy. Over the past two years, manufacturers have reported sales of up to 300 percent higher than pre-pandemic times—and we’re not talking about those steel eyesores from the ’90s. Aside from sleek, upgraded exteriors that look like they belong on a hotel rooftop, many pits today are actually designed to be smokeless. While any fire feature is a great way to lend ambience and interest to an outdoor space, smokeless versions have the added benefit of being less disturbing to neighbors and won’t stink up your hair and clothes.

There are two main varieties to choose from: those that burn propane or natural gas and those that burn wood. Propane and natural gas are, by nature, smokeless (and ember-less). Wood-burning versions, by contrast, rely on sophisticated airflow systems—most brands have their own proprietary setups—to build a fire hot enough to be smokeless. It’s totally normal for some smoke to emit, especially when a fire is first lit. But once it’s roaring, the best smokeless firepits really do live up to their name. Take a look at some of our favorite models, below, and we’re sure you’ll find something worth being a part of the trend. 

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Boxhill Cilindro Fire Table

Best Overall

Material: Glass fiber–reinforced concrete | Fuel source: Natural gas, portable propane, or hardline propane | Weight: 350 pounds | Pit opening: 14-inch diameter

What we like:

  • All-around weather resistant
  • Can upgrade to an electronic ignition (allows for controlling remotely!)
  • Comes in a variety of finishes and colors

Worth noting:

  • It’s heavy!

Why we chose it: Five concrete color choices, and the option to upgrade from lava rocks to jewel-like glass. 

The Cilindro Fire Table’s understated beauty and easy-to-light function makes it our top pick. Made of glass fiber–reinforced concrete, it comes in five different finishes, one of which is sure to match your outdoor entertaining area, and customers have the choice of filling the pit with standard black lava fire rocks or upgrading to colored glass. Since the table runs on natural gas or propane, getting it going is as easy as lighting a match (or flipping a switch if you go with the electric ignitor upgrade for $1,840 extra). And at 16 inches high with an 11-inch edge all the way around the pit, the Cilindro lives up to the “table” part of its name—there’s plenty of room for guests to set drinks or rest their feet. 

Best for Versatility: Solo Stove Yukon and Stand

Best For Versatility

Material: Stainless steel | Fuel source: Wood | Weight: 40.35 pounds | Pit opening: 27-inch diameter

What we like:

  • High airflow tech makes for a nearly smokeless fire
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Large collection of accessories built specifically to fit the Yukon

Worth noting:

  • Accurately low smoke—you might get a little, especially when first lighting the fire
  • Doesn’t create a strong bonfire smell

Why we chose it: Solo’s Yukon firepit is an all-in-one entertaining solution.

Solo is one of the most well-known brands of smokeless firepits. Though the Yukon is its largest model, it weighs less than 50 pounds, making it easy to move around as your needs change. But what really gives this stainless steel workhorse the title of “best versatility” is its collection of well-designed and highly functional accessories. The Yukon stand, which is included here, lets you place the firepit anywhere you desire without worrying you might damage a surface. The addition of a lid turns the fireplace into a small table (necessary for daytime barbecues), and a variety of firepit tools are available in cost-saving bundles, including roasting sticks, ember guards, and even a heat deflector, which helps radiate fire heat to a larger area.

And, of course, you can’t mention a Solo firepit without touching on its 360-degree Signature Airflow Technology. This causes fires to burn 400 degrees hotter than traditional firepits, all but eliminating smoke and greatly reducing the amount of ash left at the end of the night. If the Yukon is too big for your liking, check out its smaller cousin, the Solo Bonfire. Only 14 inches tall and 19.5 inches wide (and just 20 pounds!), it’s still large enough for a family hang but lightweight enough to lug on a camping or beach trip (the additional carrying case doesn’t hurt either).

Best Value: Titan Corten Steel

Best Value

Material: Corten steel | Fuel source: Wood | Weight: 85 pounds | Pit opening: 16-inch diameter

What we like:

  • Affordable
  • Corten steel’s rugged look is also highly durable

Worth noting:

  • Heavier than other firepits this size

Why we chose it: Unique, rustic look that only gets better with age (plus it’s competitively priced).

With a price tag under $250, the Titan Corten Steel firepit delivers on value and style. Corten steel, also known as weathered steel, was originally developed in the first half of the 20th century to eliminate the need for painting when used outdoors. The metal alloy develops a unique, attractive patina as it’s exposed to sun, rain, and snow, so you needn’t worry about it losing its looks. Its rustic charms make the Titan an ideal choice for a cabin or other rural getaway. 

Best Splurge: RH Ixtapa Rectangular Plinth Fire Table

Best Splurge

Material: Glass fiber–reinforced concrete | Fuel source: Natural gas or propane | Weight: 475 pounds | Pit opening: 44-by-24 inches 

What we like:

  • 10-year warranty on burn components
  • CSA-approved for safe, sustainable, clean-burning fuel
  • Exterior is cool to the touch, even when lit

Worth noting:

  • Not certified for outdoor cooking
  • Outdoor and propane tank covers must be purchased separately
  • Porus concrete surface can absorb stains in some cases

Why we chose it: This handcrafted, plinth-based firepit deserves to be the center of attention at your next backyard get-together. 

RH’s Ixtapa firepit collection is the epitome of elegance. Each one is handcrafted with frost-resistant glass fiber–reinforced concrete. The series comes in three washes, all of which are safe to touch, even when the flame is on. Speaking of fire, this pit’s match-lit flame is adjustable, so you can dial up the heat to 70,000 BTUs as needed. The Ixtapa also earned a seal of approval from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which is the only organization that evaluates electrical and gas standards for the U.S. and Canada. It can connect to a standard propane tank but also be directly plumbed into a natural gas line. 

We’re partial to this rectangular firepit, which comes in 56-inch and 72-inch models, but the series features round and square options, too. If the price tag is a bit too steep to swallow, there are models without the plinth base that are slightly more affordable. One thing to look out for: If you’re going to invest close to 10 grand in a firepit, it’s highly recommended you also purchase the matching cover, which will help extend its life (and make it worth the splurge). 

Best for Cooking: Breeo X19 Smokeless Fire Pit Firemaster Bundle

Best for Cooking

Material: Stainless steel | Fuel source: Wood | Weight: 47 pounds | Pit opening: 19 inches (22 inches including rim, which functions as a cooking surface) 

What we like:

  • Includes everything you need for the complete open-fire cooking experience
  • Lid and ash shovel make closing down the fire a breeze
  • Available in stainless or corten steel

Worth noting:

  • Takes a while to get hot enough to be smokeless

Why we chose it: This Breeo bundle includes everything you need for a world-class open-fire cooking experience.

Breeo’s X-Series firepits are great on their own (it was one of the first brands, after all), but when grouped with their grilling accessories, the bundle is every open-fire chef’s dream. For instance, we’re already dreaming about cooking peak summer veg on the SearPlate Griddle, which sits atop the firepit’s rim and is heated from below. Made of naturally nonstick carbon steel, the griddle features wood handles for easy removal from the firepit, even when hot (no gloves needed here). For more traditional open-fire grilling, the Outpost Grill fits into a mount on the X-Series’s rim. Adjustable height and 360-degree swivel control give the grill master complete control. Lastly, use the Outpost Kettle Hook and kettles for stews and soups, or skip it altogether to hang vegetables and meats over the open flame with the hook alone. We’re hard-pressed to think of something you can’t make. 

Best Portable: Solo Stove Ranger

Best Portable

Material: Stainless steel | Fuel source: Wood | Weight: 15 pounds | Pit opening: 15-inch diameter 

What we like:

  • Lightweight enough to easily take camping or to the beach
  • Comes with a carrying case at no extra charge
  • Lifetime warranty

Worth noting:

  • For flames on the go, you’ll need to purchase the lid separately
  • If using on a wood surface, adding the Ranger Stand and Shield is recommended

Why we chose it: All the benefits of the Solo Yukon, our pick for best versatility, but in a smaller, portable size. 

At just 15 pounds and a modest 15 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall, the Solo Ranger is ideal for road trips and on-the-move adventures of all kinds. You can enjoy the same smokeless features of the Solo brand, but for half the size (and cost). Despite its compact size, it packs a major performance punch: It’s super-efficient burning technology (thanks to superior airflow in the bottom of the firepit) means you’ll spend less time gathering firewood and more time lounging by the warmth. 

How We Chose These Products

While we didn’t test all of these products personally, we consulted industry professionals like Pull Start Fire’s co-owner, David Arias, and relied on years of personal experience around bonfires (smokeless and non) to determine our selections. All of these smokeless firepits perform as described and are built to last. The brands highlighted stand behind their products and offer top-notch customer service in case of any issues or questions. Our picks always balance form and function; we believe the best-designed products reflect your personal style, are a joy to use, and will perform as promised. 

Our Shopping Checklist

Material and Design

Smokeless firepits come in a wide variety of styles. While stainless steel is the most common and among the most lightweight materials, it’s not the only option.  Reinforced concrete, for example, is much heavier but provides a more upscale look. 

And pay close attention to any firepit’s base, as you’ll likely want to make sure it has a built-in stand (or one for purchase) to help protect whatever surface it’s set on. In general, Arias recommends following the manufacturer’s suggestion on protecting the surface under the firepit. “It gets very hot,” he says. “Ours is on a stone patio, and I have it on 1-inch-thick pavers to create some space underneath.”

Fuel and Heat Output 

As mentioned earlier, “smokeless” fire pits either run on propane or natural gas or they burn wood. The former models are fully smokeless by design; the fuel burns off right away, so there’s no chance to make smoke. Wood-burning smokeless firepits may be more accurately called “low smoke,” as most produce a bit of “fragrant” gray haze at first until the fire gets hot enough. 

As for heat output, wood-burning firepits will often be hotter than gas or propane models, but this is all dependent on how much wood you’re burning (and the strength of your chosen pit). 

Size and Portability 

If you’re looking for something that can easily go on the road, look for models 15 inches or less in diameter and under 20 pounds. The more design-forward firepits are likely made from heavier materials like concrete for a more permanent perch. 

Ask Domino

Q: What are the benefits of adding a smokeless firepit to an outdoor setup? 

“Smokeless firepits, in particular, bring people together in a casual and intimate way,” offers Arias. “It is a great experience to share with family and friends. The smokeless aspect means that everyone around the fire gets a good spot, even those downwind.” 

Q: Is a smokeless firepit easier to clean than a regular one? What do I do with all the ashes? 

Wood-burning smokeless firepits burn at a much higher temperature than standard backyard firepits. This helps make them “smokeless,” but that chemistry also has the added benefit of making less ash (and, if done correctly, have a much lighter bonfire aroma—aka no more smelly hair and clothes!). But wait to empty until the ash is completely cooled. Some folks clean the cooled ash with a shop vac, while others prefer to add it to their compost.

Q: Can I grill over a smokeless firepit? 

It’s safe to grill over most of the wood-burning smokeless firepits as long as you employ the help of a grill top or searing edge. Most propane or natural gas alternatives, however,  are not designed for food preparation. We always recommend consulting your model’s manufacturer for more details. 

Q: Because it’s smokeless, can I put this out on my deck or balcony? 

This greatly depends. You should never use a firepit closer than 10 to 20 feet to any structure. And if it’s a wood deck, a stand or fire mat is absolutely necessary, too. 

Q: Does a smokeless firepit radiate heat?

Yes, a smokeless firepit radiates heat, but it is usually less warm than a traditional, wood-burning firepit (even though it burns at much higher temperatures). But if heat is what you’re after, some brands, like Solo, sell heat deflectors to help spread the warmth. 

The Last Word

The best smokeless firepits are a fun and easy way to add a fire feature to your outdoor space. They’re great if you live in a city or suburban area where neighbors could easily be bothered by smoke, but anyone with sensitivities—or those who simply don’t love smelling like a bonfire the next day—will also enjoy the benefits our top picks provide.