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When we gleefully announce we’ve found our “forever home,” we’re rarely thinking about life there 30 (let alone 50) years down the road—but we should be. Due to the pandemic, many millennials and Gen-Zers have become the primary caregivers for elderly family members, and their houses need to adapt. (Not to mention, the baby boomer generation is entering retirement.) Aging in place just got a whole lot easier—and chicer—thanks to Lowe’s new hub, Lowe’s Livable Home. The hardware store has teamed up with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to offer long-term solutions for forever homes, ranging from bathroom stability to security systems. All are designed to be more stylish alternatives to standard functional living tools—like a brass shower bar instead of typical chrome. 

An added bonus: Upgrading little things in your current home is more sustainable (and financially sound) than downsizing or moving into an assisted living facility. Here, we’ve highlighted our favorite aging solutions on the site. Some, like the cabinet pull-down, are just plain helpful—no matter your age. 

Bathtub Converter

This bathtub converter takes any standard drop-in bathtub and creates what is essentially a walk-in shower—no contractor needed. The safer step-in (as opposed to step-over) setup is white like porcelain, so it will blend right in.

walk-in bathtub
Bathtub Conversion Kit, Lowe’s ($350)

Cabinet Pull-Down

A pull-down organization system allows those with a limited range of motion (as well as anyone on the shorter side) easier access to the tippy-top shelves in the kitchen. It also prevents forgotten snacks from being able to hide in the back corners; everything is visible. 

2 tier shelf pull down
Rev-a-Shelf 2-tier Pull Down, Lowe’s ($462)

Voice-Activated Lighting

Consider swapping everyday LED lightbulbs with ones that are smart home–compatible. Remember clap on, clap off lights? Voice-activity bulbs (simply ask Google Home or Alexa to turn them on or off) is the next generation, especially helpful to those with limited eyesight or for when light switches are hard to reach. 

smart light bulb and dimmer switch
GE Cync Smart Home Starter Kit, Lowe’s ($29)