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When deciding on what tile to use in your bathroom renovation, basic square ones might not be your first (or second or third) choice. But hear us out: Room-in-a-box innovators Block Renovation, a one-stop shop for bathroom and kitchen makeovers, and textile brand Quiet Town are asking you to rethink the “boring” shape. The two companies just dropped a new bathroom package that plays with scale and color, making the simple silhouette so much more exciting than ever-popular subway tile.

The selections lean into Quiet Town’s philosophy of pushing materials to their fullest potential. Lisa Fine, the company’s cofounder, says, “You can create something beautiful with simplicity, and that’s what we’re striving to do with this design. It’s taking a really unique but really focused concept like grids and tile and maximizing it so that you can create a thoughtful and elevated experience.” One way to do that is by experimenting with scale (picture supertiny 1-by-1-inch square tiles on the floor and larger 4-by-4-inch ones on the shower walls). Lisa and her cofounder and husband, Michael, also put a lot of focus on the shower niche—an eye-catching (and functional) moment that’s often hidden behind a shower curtain. A pop of neon orange against a sea of olive green makes the recessed storage spot stand out.

Tile isn’t the only element the couple thought about. Each ready-to-install kit includes a vanity, mirror, and hardware. The package starts at a flat-rate price of $16,000 (no unexpected overages or hidden fees), and the materials are delivered directly to your door—at least if you live in New York City or Los Angeles for the time being. The best part: All the bold color combos match perfectly with Quiet Town’s shower curtains and bath mats, so you can create a cohesive space. Bathrooms have suddenly become the easiest reno to tackle.