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At the risk of facing a Jake Gyllenhaal–style backlash, I’ll just say it: I’m not a huge fan of showering. It takes time. Your hair gets wet and then it needs to be dried. And in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, the tub is barely wide enough for me to raise my arms to shampoo my scalp without my elbows touching the curtain. 

So I’ve outfitted my bathing space to be as inviting as possible. There’s a Quiet Town plastic curtain that lets in the light from the only window in the room. Two Slash Objects mats rest on the floor to cover our rental tile. And a string-of-banana plant that I found on a recent trip to North Adams, Massachusetts, hangs in the sill. See, I’m trying!

But nothing has made me more excited about lathering up lately than our new showerhead. The Jolie is a recently launched DTC fixture that, thanks to an internal filter, removes chlorine, heavy metals, and contaminants that can dry out your skin and hair. And did I mention it’s cute? Available in six colors, from tomato red to pale pink to black, the Jolie is also a style update to whatever basic showerhead came with our rental.

Installing it was simpler than I imagined. The Jolie comes with a very adorable mini wrench for taking down the old sprayer and hooking up the new one, a process that took my very capable, nonplumber boyfriend a total of 20 seconds. There’s even tape in the package to use if you need it—we didn’t. 

After admiring our new chrome beauty, I did what any design-loving anti-bather would do: hopped in the shower. The water pressure was strong without being blasting; the spray was wide but not too; and the angle was easy to adjust. 

And my skin? After a month, I’ve noticed that my moisturizer goes on easier and my hair feels as soft as a toddler’s. The results have been so impressive that I’ve almost turned in to someone who looks forward to daily bathing. Almost.