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The final weeks of summer can be bittersweet: You might be more relaxed from all the rooftop nights and days at the beach, but you may also be feeling the heat. So if you’re a little lazy about preparing meals, don’t sweat it—your kitchen is probably too hot to cook in, anyway. 

To distract you from the fact that it’s sweltering outside, we found seven no-bake recipes that are fittingly easy to make. From a layered sandwich and colorful salad to a slow-cooker lasagna and no-bake cheesecake, these are the types of dishes you can whip up easily when all you want to do is stretch out in front of the AC unit. 

Mozzarella Sandwich

After a day spent swimming in a pool or at the beach, no one wants to go through the extra effort of cooking a long meal. That’s why this recipe from Half Baked Harvest is so appealing. Two slices of ciabatta bread hold together spicy salami, prosciutto, marinated artichokes, sliced red peppers, provolone, and basil pesto, making it a dish easy to whip up and eat in a bathing suit. 

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

If you’re craving something light to eat in the middle of a scorching day, try this colorful salad option from The Modern Proper. Pearl couscous forms the base of the dish, and cherry tomatoes, English cucumber, red onion, fresh parsley, and olives round it out. Pepperoncinis are optional but should definitely be included. 

Chipotle Orange Street Tacos

Prep this taco recipe from Half Baked Harvest in the morning and have it ready for when you get home. Boneless, skinless chicken breast combines with spices, chipotle peppers, and orange juice in a slow-cooker over a few hours. Once it’s ready to serve, the meat is spooned on tortillas and topped with a spicy pineapple slaw. It’s the perfect easy dish to come home to. 

Shrimp Salad Rolls

Need an easy weeknight meal that can also impress a crowd? Turn to this no-cook shrimp salad rolls recipe from How Sweet Eats, which comes together without turning on the heat. Fully cooked shrimp are added to brioche buns lined with lettuce, and a sauce made with mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, dill, and mustard is piled on top. Just crack open a bag of chips for a side dish before serving. 

Chocolate Cheesecakes

Although the thought of a chocolate dessert is always enticing, standing in front of a hot oven to make it happen is not. That’s when you should turn to this no-bake recipe from Minimalist Baker. Packed dates and raw walnuts make a crust that’s filled with coconut oil, maple syrup, and dark chocolate. The individual cakes are then topped with a peanut butter sauce and fresh berries. 

Lemon Chicken

It’s also possible to make a stunning lemon chicken dinner without help from a hot oven, thanks to this slow-cooker recipe from Melanie Makes. Chicken breasts are mixed with butter, lemon, and Italian salad dressing mix and left to cook for at least four hours. When they’re finished, pile them on some fresh greens. 

Vegetable Lasagna

Take the crockpot out for this hearty recipe from The Modern Proper if you have a craving for lasagna. It features a melody of veggies—like mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, and squash—alongside fresh basil and parmesan. In order words, it’ll be satisfying, but you won’t feel weighed down. 

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