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If over the past few months, you’ve taken it upon yourself to finally learn how to make that matcha latte you’d get as a treat at your favorite coffee shop, you wouldn’t be alone. As many of us have forgone our typical commutes, we’ve picked up new rituals that have replaced our usual morning coffee run or midday tea break. That’s one of the driving reasons behind the fact that Golde’s matcha and wellness blends were on preorder for much of the summer (the matcha alone sold out three times).

Cofounder Trinity Mouzon Wofford understands the desire for something a little more intentional than a quick cup of black coffee. “I really like the opportunity to just sit and enjoy something,” she says. “It’s important to find moments to pause—they are few and far between, so I savor them when I can.” She and her cofounder-fiancé, Issey Kobori, make their drinks together and sip them sometimes while going through email, sometimes while easing into a weekend brunch. Here, Wofford shares the beverages they have on constant rotation throughout the day. 

The Wake-Up Smoothie

Courtesy of Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Why it’s great: “I really like to have a smoothie every weekday morning—it’s hydrating, it has fiber, and no matter how the rest of the day goes, I feel like I’ve done something. I’m not very prescriptive with my recipe—I’ll just use whatever I have in my freezer at the moment. I put kefir in a smoothie recently and it turned out really yummy. I use a lot of frozen pineapple and ginger root, and the base is always celery and romaine.” 

How to make it: Place some green vegetables and fruits in your blender, add a liquid of your choice (kefir or nondairy milk are great options) and a dash of matcha blend if you’d like, and blend. 

The Better-Than-Before Coffee

Why it’s great: “I’ve been making this iced coffee with our cacao-turmeric blend. I find that the cacao is a natural stress reliever, so it helps manage the impact of the caffeine. Plus it has coconut milk powder in it, which adds some fat so you’re less jittery than if you drank a straight shot of black coffee.”

How to make it: Brew a shot of espresso in a Moka pot, pour it over ice, add a spoonful of the turmeric-cacao blend and a little bit of coconut milk, and mix.

The Midday Matcha Americano

Courtesy of Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Why it’s great: “There are so many ways to enjoy matcha, but Issey and I have gotten into a quick matcha Americano in the afternoon. Of course, I love a good matcha latte, but there’s something to be said about really enjoying the flavor of the tea.”

How to make it: Whisk a teaspoon of matcha with an ounce of warm (not boiling) water. Add any desired sweetener, and pour it into a glass with ice and a little bit of cold water. 

The Wind-Down Sip

Why it’s great: “I really like our turmeric blend at night because there’s no caffeine in it—it’s super-soothing and great for gut health. Especially if I’m feeling a little bloated at the end of the day, it’s a go-to.”

How to make it: Mix a spoonful of the turmeric blend in hot water and add a dash of honey—ideally, Wofford’s favorite: Wee Bee Raw Honey

Wofford’s drink-break starter pack:

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