Published on January 26, 2020

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Courtesy of Bon Bon Bon

By now, drugstores are already decked out in the colors that signify the quick approach of Valentine’s Day. In other words, red and pink hearts are everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with the campy vibes we’ve long associated with the day of love—but let’s be honest: Roses and cupids and all that pizzazz aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, you’ve got options.

As you scope out the perfect confection for your sweetheart, think outside the heart-shaped box. Chocolate is always a good call, but why not get in all the colors of the rainbow? Or how about CBD gumdrops that look like tiny sugared gems? Here, we’ve found eight delicious treats worth falling for.

For the Aesthete

A boxful of tiny chocolate rectangles, printed with what appears to be retro posters, is basically an edible art gallery—it might even inspire you and your beau to skip your museum-night date and have a cozy evening in instead.

For the Eclectic

Yes, sure, life is like a box of chocolates—but for the person in your life who really embraces the unexpected, these treats, which range from Sicilian pistachio to yuzu mango, really make a mark.

For the Mystic

These crystal-shaped candies are sure to bring on good vibes, even if you and your loved one are, inexplicably, astrologically incompatible according to Co-Star.

For the Romantic

A John Derian box makes this otherwise simple (yet delectable) tin of truffles a lovely keepsake—just the thing in which to stash all those love notes.

For the Powerhouse

If you know that the special person in your life is in serious need of some R&R, CBD-infused gummies are just the thing to say “You deserve to kick your feet up.” Why not pair them with a nice CBD bath soak, too?

For the Gourmand

These Parisian pearls are like the caviar of the dessert world: They’re small but decadent and, just like the ocean delicacies, go great with potato chips.

For the Surrealist

Matcha and dark chocolate make a perfect flavor pairing. Plus, these candies are vegan and free of refined sugar so you won’t be left with a sweets hangover the next day in the event that you eat them all in one sitting.

For the Maximalist

These handmade chocolates are so delightfully decorated that they’ll strike you with a bit of nostalgia for all those handmade valentines you got as a kid. And who can resist ingredients like Shio koji caramel and citrus violet-poppy confiture?

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