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After a soul-crushing 2017, 2018 is the year of self-love for us. And while we think this catchphrase du jour means something very different for everyone, we focus our practice at the Gathery in creating moments of joy and happiness where hopefully you could learn a little something. So perhaps our definition of self-love sits somewhere between self-indulgence and self-care.

We’re all loved by those in our life, and reminding ourselves of that is a great positive spin on Valentine’s Day—a holiday that often feels annoyingly exclusive to couples. So this year, we’re throwing a self-love themed party for all of our friends and loved ones, regardless of their relationship status. Humor and indulgences are the key to a soiree where there will be no opportunity for self-pity.

Indulgence, to us, means inundation—through color, flavors, and abundance of materials. Here are a few easy tips to make your self-love party perfect, even at the last-minute.

Keep florals simple, but adbundant

Stop by the grocery store or the flower market at the end of the day and get everything in one colorway (red-pink for example) and pick up big leafy or branch fillers. I’m obsessed with the flower bombing trend that started in New York and has taken over people’s Instagrams rather quickly. The thought of applying “one’s trash, is another’s treasure” to florals is super chic and requires little skillset. Keep them in plastic containers even; the key is no-fuss, but abundance.

Pro tip: Get some cellophane or floral wrap and grab an extra bunch of long stem roses—the taller the better—and then offer them to guests as parting gifts. That way none of your guests have to deal with the fact they didn’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Decorate with love notes

Get a cheap red lipstick and write notes to your friends on your bathroom mirror and other glass surfaces in your apartment reminding them of why they are special to you. Windex removes it in two seconds post-party.

Party in your pajamas

Keep the dress code super casual and tell everyone to come in their PJs. I love our friend Kate Shelter’s collaboration with Sleepy Jones. If you’ve got some time, a cheap and cheerful move is to pick up sets at Muji and use the free embroidering service to stick names, initials, or even icons that represent your besties.

Have fun with finger foods

We were really inspired by the Francois Payard Bakery and Patisserie ice cream sandwiches with macaroons he used to do (we loved the raspberry and pistachio ones). Try making your own and serve this along flavored popcorns for a fun movie night.

Mix up a few chocolatey drinks

Spice things up with a dark, spicy chocolate: a chocolate ginger martini with cayenne or a simple sparkling shiraz with a dark chocolate cacao nibs rim. We like Mast Brothers chocolates made just down the road from our offices in Brooklyn.

Keep entertainment super chill

MySpa2go is an example of in-home spa services, and they can specialize for private parties with their “group services.”  If you want to level out the relaxation aspect, maybe pick a classic, campy movie about friends you love: Now and Then, The Big Chill, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are a few of our faves.

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