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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and regardless of how you’re planning on celebrating the holiday, there’s one staple unique to the day that requires a little thought and planning: the sweets! In lieu of the typical box of drugstore chocolates, we set out to find alternatives that would satisfy our sweet tooths. Read on to discover our favorites!

When it comes to candy, we’d like to think that more is more. Create a personalized mix, with a handful of your go-to confections. Here’s what went into our own mix.

X&O Candies Raley’s Confectionary, Mouth.com This organic take on rock candy features a subtle hint of raspberry with a pleasant, tart accent. Fair warning: they may or may not be slightly addicting!

You’re My Sweetheart” Sugarfina There’s nothing ordinary about Sugarfina’s cherry sweetheart candies. These artisan jelly beans feature a slew flavors that include kiwi cherry, black chocolate cherry, cherry daiquiri, cola, and more!

Hey Hot Lips” Sugarfina True to their name, these signature lips come with quite the bite. The deceptively sweet candies seamlessly transform to reveal bold notes of chili, ginger, and spice.


Gumball Machine Chocolate Box Maggie Louise Confections  These chocolates may be an ode to a retro favorite, but we’re all for the modern revamp. The assorted box features a slew of bold flavor pairings such as vanilla marshmallow with spiced graham cracker, coffee ganache, salted caramel with toasted almonds, and more!


Cotton Candy Marshmallows Malvi, Mouth.com Consider these an elevated take on marshmallows. True to their form, these sweets have us seriously floating on air! Comprised of a blend of classic flavors (bubblegum and cotton candy, anyone?), we’re all for indulging in this treat with a side of an ice cream sundae.


Fries Before Guys Chocolate Box Maggie Louise Confections  So the saying goes… This cheeky set tastes just as good as it looks! Featuring a white chocolate top, each box comes with an assorted mix of fillings including; chocolate nougat, coffee ganache, vanilla bean ganache, and chocolate caramel with sea salt.

Smoked Cola Gumdrops Quin, Mouth.com Fries and coke make for quite the pairing, especially when it comes in the form of confections. We’re indulging in this set with a side of candy cola! This untraditional take on the classic features smoky undertones that elevate the flavor of the cola.