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Venus, the planet of love, is in Capricorn for most of February, and during this time, “quality over quantity” will be our mantra. The planet’s sojourn through Capricorn will help us get our priorities in order within our relationships, so keep an eye on the most important practices that can yield long-term success. Yes, that’s right, those with Venus in Capricorn tend to be serial monogamists. And so will the rest of us this month.

But as we know, all relationships take work, especially those that endure the tests of time. For the first half of the month, we’ll be checking our boundaries when Venus meets up with Saturn. Boundaries are protective, but they can also be limiting. Are the walls we’ve constructed not letting enough love in? Or perhaps the boundaries need to be tightened up. Overall, this aspect is about growth and maturity in our relationships. It can help us decide what level of commitment is appropriate for us right now.

The third week of the month brings another wave of intensity to the love department. Themes of deep desire, emotional uprooting and vulnerability can lead us toward next-level intimacy. Deep healing can take place when we have the courage to be honest with ourselves about what we need in love. This can also manifest as magnetic, deeply passionate sex, so be ready. The only caution here is that Venus conjunct Pluto can also reveal obsessive qualities that leave us with tunnel vision, abandoning common sense.

Venus goes for round three when she squares off with Uranus at the end of the month. Enough seriousness has taken place, and now we need some fresh air to lighten up. Venus/Uranus aspects crave freedom and openness in our relationships. On one hand, reaching new levels of honesty in your relationship can bring a sense of freedom. Though, on the other,  if it’s been like a tough-mudder race from beginning to end of the month, it might be time to say “lose my number.” Overall, February is here to upgrade our relationships. Here’s what’s in store for your sign.

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Shake it up! This month your ruling planet, Mars, finishes its run through your very own sign, Aries. Not only is this offering you a renewed spark of motivation and a sense of “I can do anything,” but it is sending that sex drive through the roof. And that pedal is to the metal at the onset of the month when Mars squares off with Pluto. Essentially, you are going to need p-l-e-n-t-y of physical outlets this month. We’re talking P90X followed by off-the-hook hookups. If you don’t find these outlets, you might self-implode, so seek outlets that serve you. You’re feeling strong, but you’re also feeling wild. In the middle of the month, a desire to experiment helps you get creative in the bedroom (or anywhere, really), so be open to giving life to some of the fantasies you or your partner has always wanted to try.  

Love Language: physical touch

Valentine’s Day: Preorder plastic sheets one week in advance

Best Days for Romance: February 5, 9–10, 17–18, 21–22

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


What is love? The way you’ve always defined love may no longer be working for you. This month, you’re rewriting the laws of love in your life. You might consider new ways to think about love, how to define it, and what it represents for you. That said, your career is the main event this month, paralleling a new moon in your career house on February 4. Yes, new opportunities and new beginnings abound in your professional life, leaving you with little energy left for anything else at the beginning of the month. And not to worry, as it looks like your partner is busy doing their thing as well. Single? You may have a secret admirer. Distance makes the heart grow fonder until Mars enters your sign on Valentine’s Day, bringing more passion and excitement into your life. Now you’re ready to lay it on thick. Slow and smooth is your style, and you’re a sucker for a good buildup.

Love Language: receiving gifts (specifically, handmade chocolates)

Valentine’s Day: Wine and dine me, and then let’s do it in the laundry room.

Best Days for Romance: February 6–7, 11–12, 19–20, 23–24

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Immerse yourself. An intellectual connection is *huge* for you. You are attracted to people who make you laugh, love a good adventure, and those who (like you) don’t take anything too seriously. This month, intimacy and trust can deepen if this is something you are open to. With Venus cruising through your eighth house of trust, shared finances and intimacy, you may be looking for a more serious commitment. Make your feelings known. Communication is your forte, except when it comes to baring your soul. Being truthful about your desire for more closeness might be the next step in creating a more rewarding dynamic (on top of the killer jokes and late-night pillow-talk where no subject is left unturned). You tend to be attracted to people who are carefree, which is all well and good, but sometimes they are all too willing to sit back without any hurry to get to a destination. Leave that to you this month, Gemini. You’re driving the ship.  

Love Language: words of affirmation

Valentine’s Day: It’s just a card holiday, but I still bought you a funny card.

Best Days for Romance: February 13–14, 21–22, 25–27

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Refinement through relationships. Venus, the planet of love, strolls through your seventh house of partnership, where she will join up with Saturn, the planet of maturity. Saturn has been clearing house for about the past year, showing you where your relationships are unsupportive and where you need to step it up. Chances are that this past fall featured a big make-or-break in your love life. It’s true, Cancer, it’s all too easy for you to step into the roll of either caretaker or child in a relationship, and now it’s time for the scales to balance. You want to feel like you are growing in your relationships, and since emotional security is a top priority for you, it’s important that both you and your partner feel equally cared for in your relationship. Find someone who you can count on and who you are excited to show up for.

Love Language: acts of service

Valentine’s Day: Make a gourmet homemade dinner, enjoy handcrafted cocktails, or Netflix and chill.

Best Days for Romance: February 1–2, 10–12, 15–16, 21, 23–24, 28

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Love is all you need. Your ruling planet is none other than the life-giving Sun, mirrored by your inherent warmth, creativity, and generosity. This month, the Sun continues its sojourn through your house of partnership. You may discover yourself going the distance for love. The only challenge will be making the time for it. You are busy these days, Leo. Venus travels through your sixth house of work, so even if you’re hooking up with your hot coworker, you’ll still be going out of your way to make love happen. And we don’t doubt your flirtation skills. Expect a super-fun hookup or two during the week of Valentine’s Day, when you are emboldened to be especially forward with what you want. Go ahead and send that sultry text. You’re feeling frisky and up for a fun time (just the thing to distract you from the hefty workload you’ve taken on). Live it up!   

Love Language: words of affirmation

Valentine’s Day: Talk dirty to me

Best Days for Romance: Feb 3–5, 8–12, 19–20, 23–24, 28

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Let it happen. Part of the fun of being buttoned up is getting unbuttoned. Allow your imagination to run away with you as Venus rolls through your fifth house of creativity and romance. Though with Saturn to contend with, spontaneity may not be your friend this time around. Sketch romance into the planner. You’re right, planning your love seshes like you would a dentist appointment is not the most glamorous move. But hey, this is the modern era, not a 1950s cowboy movie, and you never know how sexy things can get when both parties are looking forward to it. So dare to dream anyway. Role-playing can be especially gratifying right now. Mars tears through your eighth house, uncovering your deepest fears and desires. This can be immensely revelatory and healing when given the proper platform, so you might as well get kinky.

Love Language: words of affirmation

Valentine’s Day: Dinner for two, co-imagining your future, or get into costume. Meow!

Best Days for Romance: Feb 1–4, 8–9, 13, 19–20, 26

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Be playful! A New Moon in your fifth house of creativity on February 4 helps you connect with your heartspace and invite more romance into your world. And lucky for you, you’ll be feeling this all month. Open your heart and let it lead you. That said, the more the heart can trust, the more open it can be. Whether you are single or attached, you’re thinking about the kinds of relationships that nourish you. Whether you live together or you’re hooking up on the weekends, respect is super important for you.  Be mindful of who you let in and you’ll be good to go. Mars in your seventh house brings passion to the relationship front, though passion has many ways of expressing itself. Friction creates heat. You’ll either have steam coming out of your ears or out of the bedroom. While arguments certainly have their value, some experts say that if you are fighting too much with your partner, you aren’t having enough sex, so try that one on for size.

Love Language: giving and receiving gifts

Valentine’s Day: happy hour at the wine bar

Best Days for Romance: February 3–4, 8–12, 17–18, 21–22

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Talk about it. Yes, we know this is hard for you. At times, you don’t even know what you’re feeling. All you know is that you feel. So. Incredibly. Deeply. With Venus moving through your third house of communication, one of the ways that your relationships can deepen is if you open up to one another. This goes for all relationships, but especially if you are in a committed partnership. You’re big on taking time to process, but “talk-therapy” is a booming industry for a reason. By the end of the month, you’ll discover more things about yourself, your pals, and your partner, thus achieving that next-level freedom in your relationships you crave. You can get down with authenticity. So go ahead and ask for what you want instead of waiting for them to give it to you.

Love Language: physical touch

Valentine’s Day: Plan several mini dates around your neighborhood all month.

Best Days for Romance: February 5, 10–12, 23–24

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Primal Attraction. With Mars traveling through your fifth house of sex and romance, you are feeling friskier than ever. With a trine from Mars to your ruling planet Jupiter, your libido may as well be through the roof. You’re ready for a romp, so put on something sexy and let ’em know. As Mars collides with Uranus around V-day, there isn’t anything that’s off the table, and this goes beyond the bedroom, so take heed—it may be all too tempting to stay out all night. You’re down to roll the dice and live in the moment this month, so live it up now and catch up on sleep later. With Mercury in your third house of communication, clever pickup lines will be your forte this month. Sizzle, sizzle!

Love Language: physical touch

Valentine’s Day: Come over and I’ll show you a good time.

Best Days for Romance: Feb 1–4, 8–9, 13, 19–20, 26

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Love you madly. There’s something about you that draws us in closer this month. Suddenly you’re jaw-droppingly beautiful and everyone has a reason to text you. You can thank Venus, the planet of beauty for that added radiance and beauty this month as she moves through your first house. It’s true, we can’t get enough of you. Love is surely in the cards for you this month. Especially once Mars enters your fifth house of romance and hookups on Valentine’s Day. At which point, the road is clear for mind-blowing sex that you won’t mind staying up too late and skipping the gym for. No worries—you’ll find more creative ways to get the workout in this month. And don’t forget to work your magic. If there’s a big idea you’ve been waiting to pitch, now’s the time to get people on board.

Love Language: acts of service.

Valentine’s Day: Make reservations at the classiest sushi bar in town.

Best Days for Romance: February 11–12 15–19  

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Strangelove. Try not to get too down in the dumps about the pitfalls of online dating. As you know, relationships weren’t necessarily better just because they were simpler back in the day. This month, Venus is here to help you do some digging. There’s a quality of “hidden” around love and intimacy that is waiting to be uncovered this month. Hidden treasure? Only one way to find out. On some level, it seems like the usual affections aren’t as available to you right now, which leads you to contemplate the social framework of relationships. Maybe what we’re doing no longer fits our modern needs? As an innovative air sign, if anyone’s gonna figure it out, it’s you. In the meantime, Mars and Jupiter energize the communication and friendship sectors of your chart, so invite everyone out for a birthday bar crawl. Because for you, the best kind of love is simply knowing people are there for you. Full stop.

Love Language: quality time (just don’t make a big thing out of it)

Valentine’s Day: You hate it.

Best Days for Romance: Feb 11–15, 17,18

Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN


Just a friend. It’s true. You are quite the romantic, Pisces. You crave a transcendent kind of love that tells a story worthy of a feature film. But until you meet your match, here’s a well-known secret: Friendship is one of the keys to long-lasting love. Sure, love notes and heroic gestures are spectacular, but playing video games together can be just as magical. Venus lights up your friendship sector this month, so no need for anything fancy ATM. How about a brewery tour? Or sledding and hot chocolate? Don’t take it too seriously, and it can only go up from there. Not in a relationship? Someone who’s been crushing on you could make their feelings known just in time for Valentine’s Day. Might it be one of your friends? You’ll have to report back.

Love Language: words of affirmation.

Valentine’s Day: Spread out some rose petals on the bed.

Best Days for Romance: Feb 15–16, 19, 20,

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