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With every passing day comes another discovered benefit of CBD. Nature’s miracle is beloved for everything from fighting inflammation and reducing anxiety to treating dry skin and eczema. Yet just when we think we’ve discovered all the hemp plant’s uses, we uncover another necessary hack, but this time it’s from an unlikely source.

Actress Kristen Bell posted a photo showcasing a number of high-heel options for the Golden Globes, saying “So many options. So many blisters.” It’s a common woe for most of us: We want to wear gorgeous shoes for a fun night out, but we obviously don’t want the seemingly guaranteed pain associated with those torture traps. Busy Philipps came to the rescue though. She commented on Bell’s post with a simple, albeit game-changing, solution: “Get that CBD cream on your feet.”

Does CBD Relieve Pain?

While it might sound odd, Philipps’s tip is not unfounded. The hemp-based product is naturally anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and the skin on feet is highly absorbent and porous, so you can feel the pain-relieving benefits of CBD locally and quickly, making it ideal for relieving pain after a long day on your feet or an evening at the Golden Globes. “Due to the high concentration of nerve endings and proprioceptors in the feet, an application of a potent, CBD-rich balm makes a lot of sense,” says Gabe Kennedy, cofounder of CBD brand Plant People. “That’s why CBD can be great for effectively reducing foot, ankle, and toe pain and discomfort.”

What Type of CBD Product Is Best?

There are a lot of various forms of CBD, but for feet, stick to balms, lotions, and oils. As mentioned, your feet are porous and absorbent, but for sufficient pain relief, you’ll want one with a higher potency, somewhere around 100 to 300 milligrams of CBD. Anything less than 100 and you won’t feel the analgesic benefits on feet.

How Do You Apply It?

The trick to using CBD on your feet is planning. Apply your lotion, balm, or oil 30 minutes prior to wearing any type of uncomfortable shoes or in anticipation of being on your feet for a lengthy amount of time. Cindy Capobianco, the cofounder and president of Lord Jones, suggests applying the product generously and then slipping on a pair of socks to lock in moisture while you get ready. It’ll give the product enough time to take effect while also allowing some of the balm or lotion to absorb on your feet and socks, instead of in the inside of your beloved shoes. Reapplication depends upon how you’ll feel the effects of the lotion, as well as how long you’ll be on your feet. Either way, celeb or not, CBD can be effective for all. “We have many celebrities who use our lotion prior to wearing high heels but also blue-collar workers who stand on their feet all day for work,” says Capobianco.

Not heading out tonight? Capobianco also suggests applying CBD on your feet and legs prior to bedtime for a relaxing, sleep-inducing feeling. Try giving your feet a night off—heels or not—by massaging on a touch of CBD. Here are three options your feet will happily absorb for a much-needed soothing experience.

Courtesy of Lord Jones

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil, $75

This just-launched roller-ball formula is ideal for targeting particular areas of the body, like back pain or feet. And arguably no company is more respected in the CBD industry than Lord Jones, so you can trust its formulas to take effect quickly and effectively.

Courtesy of Plant People

Plant People Plant Balm, $49

The cool, new, and highly potent brand on the market is Plant People. And this balm is a standout for its next-level soothing experience. CBD is blended with camphor for the most refreshing and relaxing balm. It’s nice and thick, and you’ll only need a dime size to rub all over your heels to reap the benefits.

Courtesy of Revive

Revive CBD Balm, $30

Want to dip your toe into this foot-focused CBD trend? Try this Revive balm that comes in a smaller, travel-friendly, two-ounce size and with a fantastic price tag. It’s also edible, so you can add it to your morning coffee or tea for chill vibes.