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We are all looking for ways to keep calm. And when cooking and crafting don’t give you as much stress relief as you need, a little extra help can go a long way. That’s why more people are finally getting into CBDs. Lord Jones reported an increased number of people showing off their products on social media, and Feals shared that an influx of CBD newbies have taken an interest in trying out a tincture. And on top of that, plant-based wellness site Standard Dose (which curates a vast array of CBD products) reported that weekly sales have increased fourfold in this time of social distancing.

By now you’re likely familiar with this three-letter buzzword, but in case you’re in need of a refresher: CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, and when ingested, it can help you fall asleep or feel more relaxed or just more holistically balanced. It’s no wonder that at a time with so many unknowns, plenty of people are trying it out.

CBD gummies and tinctures are classic options to get your fix, but Standard Dose shared that it has seen an increased interest in skin-care products that contain this ingredient. With more time to experiment—and more of a reliance on our routines and rituals to structure our days—these kinds of self-care buys can be a good balm for stress. In particular, a magnesium soak by CBD brand Nature of Things has stood out as a top seller in this category. Think of it as a step above your usual Epsom salts: Magnesium and CBD both relax your body, so it’s easier to go from your bath to your bed and fall asleep with ease. Consider it the extra step your nighttime routine has been looking for.

Natureofthings Bath Soak
Fortifying Magnesium Soak, Natureofthings ($36)

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