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Say hello to my little friend…the Exceptionoil by new, Australian skincare brand, Go-To. Yep, if that product and brand name didn’t give it all away, allow me to do so—I’m obsessed with this new ‘exceptional’ oil hybrid from my new ‘go-to’ brand.

I know body oil is a bit of a divisive product—many have swapped their lotions out for good while others claim it doesn’t absorb, can feel slippery, or it just never seems to moisturize. Good news friends! Exceptionoil is the answer to your dry skincare prayers, regardless of which camp you fall into. Even after weeks of using it, I still wouldn’t quite identify it as an oil, for many reasons.

First of all, the packaging: the slim, long tube would have you believe it’s a body lotion, a well-packaged one at that, too. It’s $39 for this slim tube, but a little does seem to go a long way. Gone is the tricky screw-off top or oil dropper which, while appropriate for a face oil, never offers up a full-body-appropriate quantity of product. Nope, with the squeeze tube, you’ve got immediate access to all the product you need, no multi-dropper-dipping required. Secondly, it doesn’t come out like any oil you’ve known before. It feels somewhere between a lotion/balm/oil hybrid, somehow. It’s incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, yet the balm oil absorbs quickly, leaving no stickiness or greasiness. (I’m still not sure how it’s possible.)  

It’s possible apparently because of the master concoction of ingredients, which include certified Monoi de Tahiti (a coconut oil/gardenia blend from Tahiti), sweet almond oil, coconut butter, jojoba oil, shea butter, and a ton more oils (including rosehip, avocado, Karanja, and calendula).

What’s not in it? Parabens, PEGs, sulfates, GMOs, mineral oils, petroleum, or synthetic colors. Go-To was designed to be fun, easy to understand what’s in it, and an enjoyable experience to use, but sans all those standard chemicals and artificial ingredients.

But what will stick with you maybe even more than the dreamy, hydrating texture is the scent. This hypnotic, I’m-living-my-best-life-on-a-private-island-in-Tahiti, tropical goddess smell is kind of indescribable. It’s the definition of heady and dreamy and tropical, and it’s perfect. (That scent is thanks to the rare Monoi de Tahiti oil.) With most vacation-esque scents, they can smell artificial, but this is a tropical dream, just kind of like smelling the greatest flower while on vacation, all bottled up into a body oil just for you.

Beyond just body though, this baby is multi-dimensional. As with all body oils, it’s best used on damp skin. So massage it in after you hop out of the bath or shower. Just as it’s great for dry, irritated skin, it’s also great for any other part of your body, from cuticles, to dry feet and heels, to even softening beard and all other hairs. (Literally, head to toe.)

Go-To currently has five other products in their line, too, including exfoliating face pads, a lip balm (it’s so good!), a gentle cleanser, and a face cream. But their best seller, even more than the Exceptionoil, is Face Hero ($34) with a potent blend of 10 plant oils, which can hydrate skin, while leaving a bright, radiant glow. I tend to use it right out of the shower before bedtime, but it’d also be perfect before showing off your gorgeous gams, arms, or décolletage as it’ll leave a really lovely well-moisturized gleam. I’ll be slathering myself in it all winter long, considering it’s my ticket to paradise in a tube.

Want a few others for a tropical escape? Le Paradis Tahiti ($70) also has certified Monoi de Tahiti oil, is a balm, and hydrates like a dream. For those oil lovers out there, the epic perfumeria, hotel, and spa Coqui Coqui created Flor de Naranjo Bath Oil ($62) made with actual orange blossom and citrus essences.

While summer is long over, you can still enjoy an endless summer with your new, beloved body oil.

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