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The art market might be booming right now, but navigating the abundance of options for your own home can be a daunting pursuit. Enter Andy Blank, a new e-commerce retailer offering a pared-down selection of original, Instagram-worthy artworks in a variety of mediums. The prices will especially come as a shock to art enthusiasts accustomed to choosing between costly, investment-level gallery pieces, and more budget-friendly—but less original-feeling—facsimiles for their wall decor: pieces max out at $170 dollars, with each and every piece arriving straight to your door in a ready-to-hang white or black shadowbox.

Though the prices, ranging from $90 to $170, are indeed affordable, the site’s founder, who prefers to go by the moniker Andy Blank, says that cost shouldn’t compromise quality. “When we typically think of ‘affordable’ in the art world, too often that means mass-produced, machine-printed canvases or shoddy work in general, and that’s not good enough,” Blank explains. “Everything about [this brand] is about the product and attention to detail. We wanted to produce art that’s tangible, elegant, and of an extraordinary standard.”

Viewers might say that Blank, who works with a close team of artists, designers, and curators to create the site’s 50 or so original works, has created a ‘factory’ of sorts—but don’t worry about seeing the same stuff on your neighbor’s walls. “I’m making contemporary art for everyone, but it’s important to maintain the integrity of our product,” Blank says. To keep artwork feeling fresh and unique, each one is produced in limited quantities and available for only a short period of time.


Shop some of our current favorites below.

andy wing
Wing Emboss, Andy Blank ($155)

We love this richly-detailed, embossed wing for its chic, all-white minimalism—not to mention its $155 price tag.


andy b plant
Plant Line, Andy Blank ($155)

No wallflowers here: Clean lines and an artful illustration radiate a sense of timeless charm.

andy b black
Black Canvas, Andy Blank ($159)

Bring some instant texture and dynamic to your walls with an actual folded sheet of faded blank canvas.

andy b leaf
Green Leaves, Andy Blank $169, Andy Blank ($169)

The visual illusion of these Monstera leaves bursting forth from the frame lends a healthy dose of greenery to your habitat. Consider it your most low-maintenance houseplant.

andy b space
Spaceman Subway, Andy Blank ($169)

Quirky, irreverent and humorous—need we say anything more? This image speaks for itself.


andy b bball court
Neon Basketball Court, Andy Blank ($169)

The cool, graphic element of a neon outline coupled with the deep box frame, feels like an actual neon wall fixture—no electricity required.

andy b balloons
Squish 3, Andy Blank ($135)

Amp up a room’s color scheme with these vibrant, layered collages made with real latex. Pick just one from the series of nine, or create a playful gallery with several.

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