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In the interior design industry, trend forecasting often involves speculation: Is Japanese minimalism replacing its Scandinavian counterpart? Are quilts making a comeback? What material will supersede terrazzo? Of course, these guesses aren’t at all random and usually involve a ton of research, scouting through new home collections, interviewing experts, attending trade shows, and pulling data from various trend studies. But if we’ve learned one thing from the business of trend forecasting, it’s that it’s as much an art form as it is a science.

If there’s one surefire way to predict trends, it’s knowing ahead of time what items will likely appear in glossy magazine pages once designers have completed and photographed their projects—something Cristina Miller is privy to. As 1stdibs’ chief commercial officer, she can see what’s selling on the high-end design marketplace in real time and use it to inform her buying strategy.

“Designers are continuing to move toward color like warmer earth tones, sage green, and mushroom brown,” she told Domino. “In terms of materials, wood, brass, and stone continue to be the leading trend. Popular items include cane and rattan seating, mid-century brass chandeliers, and sculptural contemporary tables.” Other items on the rise, she notes, are fringe light fixtures, French modern design (a la Jacques Adnet and Pierre Jeanneret), and boucle chairs and sofas.


We asked her to share what’s actually selling well on the platform right now—here’s what she came back with.

If you believe in the golden hour…

Crystal Series Console Table 04 in Acrylic, 1stdibs ($11,150)

“Saerom Yoon’s work looks like crystallized atmosphere; I am fascinated by how the heaviness of the material is counteracted by the sense that it has trapped air or sky inside.”

If you’re a sucker for lounging…

Pierre Paulin Pearl Gold Painted Wood Fixed Base Pacha Lounge Chair, 1stdibs ($2,769)

“This reedition of Pierre Paulin, originally designed in the mid-’70s, looks really contemporary today and would fit into almost any style of living space.”

If you love a good mirror selfie…

3305282_master (1)
Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass, 1stdibs ($9,000)

“This sensual, statement mirror has been one of our most popular selfie spots in the new NYC 1stdibs Gallery, and I can see why. Not only is it gorgeous and inviting, but its glowing light also makes everyone peering into it look gorgeous and inviting.”


If you need a dose of sunshine in your life…

Rosie Li “Inez” Sculptural Chandelier in Alabaster, 1stdibs ($9,600)

“The configuration of this lamp speaks very much to a palm frond, and the splay of the hammered copper could also be the wings of a bird suspended mid-air. It’s modern and so beautiful.”

If you have a thing for Japanese minimalism…

Equilibrium Stool in Copper by Guglielmo Poletti, 1stdibs ($4,155)

“I love this piece because of its disarmingly simple design. Poletti’s work engages ideas of balance and tension to create objects that challenge our preconceptions of form. The cool, synthetic rubber and cordage could easily fall flat in another variation, but through this design, it makes you stop and really enjoy it.”

If you believe in the power of crystals…

Onyx Coffee Table by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, 1stdibs ($6,926)

“Stoneworks with intersecting planes are common, but what I like about this piece is that you have that one rigid knife-like darker stone slab cutting through. It makes the stone seem pliable, soft, and almost clay-like.”

If you’re so vain…

Seletti “Lipsticks” Small Wall Mirror with Wooden Frame by Toiletpaper, 1stdibs ($370)

“In my early days in the design industry, a curator once told me, ‘if you want to collect but don’t have suitcases of money, start with mirrors.’ Mirrors are often more affordable and are both decorative and functional. This one, designed by Maurizio Cattelan, is irresistible.”


If you want to feel like you’re on cloud nine…

Moooi “Cloud” Sofa in Leather or Fabric with Chromed Legs by Marcel Wanders, 1stdibs ($9,676)

“Who doesn}t want their own personal cloud to fall into at the end of a long day? The green colorway is perfectly aligned with the current color trends. Marcel Wanders is an iconic Dutch designer who founded Moooi, and this is a signature design by him.”

If champagne is your go-to drink…

Pair of Czech Contemporary May Champagne Coupe Glasses Handmade, 1stdibs ($120)

“These beautifully detailed coupes are designed in Chicago and handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic. They’re contemporary but also evoke Art Deco lines—just what everyone should have for a proper champagne toast.”

If you love nothing more than fringe benefits…

Wink Gold-Plated Pendant Lamp with Pink Fringes, 1stdibs ($571)

“I see this as being a major throwback to the ’20s. It has a super-glamorous, almost decadent vibe and it’s in a lovely color.”

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