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The world of furniture is getting weirder, and we’re loving every quirky moment. Lately, we’ve noticed decor appears to be “melting,” furniture is getting chunkier and furrier—even alien-like. We never expected to call out “breakfast foods” as the next big trend. And yet, here we are. In 2019, doughnut tables and croissant lamps are officially a thing.

These are just a few of the observations we’ve made recently, and most of them were confirmed at the AD Design Show in New York City this past weekend. The makers’ section, which showcases over 160 artisans and designers, was filled with rounded edges, chunky furniture legs, pastel hues, and ceramics galore. And so we went back to the drawing board and identified the seven biggest trends in design right now.

Get ready to see these whimsical design accents a lot more in 2019—you might even be tempted to adopt a few trends for your own space. One thing’s for sure: Homes of the future will definitely not lack in personality.

Futuristic Shapes

If we needed further proof that alien shapes are definitely a thing, we now have it. Hamilton Holmes’ Steve the Rack coat rack boasts antenna-like prongs and endearing dual-finger hooks, while Bzippy & Co.’s collection of futuristic primitive planters are giving us apocalyptic vibes. Of course, there’s also Talbot & Yoon’s Goober candles that are basically melting blobs.

Inlaid Marble

Inlaid marble made a few appearances in recent design shows. Volk furniture presented bleached ash tables with copper legs and inlaid marble tops, Tissilent’s debut collection featured similar mixed-material inlays. Trey Jones’s bookscape coffee table went a step further—with an inlaid marble book stand and movable marble coasters that can be rearranged around the table.

Pink and Green

Pink and green are at the forefront of many recent design collections—most often in shades of moss and blush. Tantuvi’s Fragments Dhurrie features abstract motifs in shades of blush, marigold, rose, moss, and black, while other rose-tinted vases and planters from brands like Franca and Oyoy are proof that there is no better color match.

Breakfast Foods

We never thought we’d say this, but breakfast foods are the latest decor trend. We’ve already seen more literal renditions of this trend in the form of croissant lamps, but recent collections from Soft Geometry and Vonnegut/Kraft have introduced us to a doughnut coffee table and another cocktail table that vaguely resembles waffles. Our carb-induced dreams have now come true.

Rounded Edges

We’ve alluded to the fact that decor is getting chunkier, and now we have further proof: Collections from Hamilton Holmes, Sin Ceramics, and more boasted rounded-edged legs. This trend even seeped into collections of more traditional brands like O&G Studio that have traded their signature New England style for bold marble tables with chunky brass legs and dramatic oval shapes.

Pastel Ceramics

There’s nothing new to see here, but pastel ceramics are still going strong. Among some of the most prolific players in the space are dinnerware brand Felt + Fat, along with ceramicists like Oyoy and Franca. If their new collections are any indication, we’ll only be seeing more pastel ceramics in the future in the shape of everything from plates to planters.

Constellation References

Many designers seemed to be inspired by a starry night sky this year, as designers like Richard Clarkson built entire collections around constellations and others like Jude Heslin di Leo–designed tables and shares with rounded shapes to mimic the dark side of the moon. Even Parts Assembly’s mirrored-artwork piece felt like they were evoking constellations with their sculptural compositions.

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