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Despite the resurgence of maximalism and the influx of pattern and saturated color it has inspired in design, we’re not quite ready to give up on minimalism just yet. In fact, we’ve noticed a new evolution of the pared-back, whitewashed trend that we’re dubbing sculptural minimalism. “Past iterations of minimalism have been largely centered on white space and the use of plastics and unnatural materials,” notes designer Jenni Kayne. “I’m happy to see the aesthetic get a little warmer, a little more natural, and a little more accessible.”

The sculpturally dynamic aesthetic relies on pops of color and texturally defined materials to inspire a layer of visual interest. Interior designer Lauren Nelson has coined it high-touch textures—think plastered walls, ceramic vases, and tactile fabrics. The use of unconventional materials, such as resin and rope, also play a major role within the trend, evoking a refreshing perspective on the traditional.

Read on to discover just what sculptural minimalism is all about and see the pieces that will help you try it at home.

Sonali Dining Table, Anthropologie, $1,598

Consider this the defining piece your dining room is in desperate need of. The delicate balance of the three round shapes, which form the base, accentuates the structurally compelling finish of the piece.

Tailor Lounge Sofa, Menu, $6,000

With its oak frame and sleek gray upholstery, this Scandinavian-inspired sofa is a lesson in form and function.

Roly Poly Armchair, Faye Toogood, $570

Break up the sterility of a neutrally charged room with an eccentric dose of a primary hue.

Lariat, Apparatus, price varies

Think of lighting as an opportunity to evoke an element of movement to a structurally rigid design scheme. Opt for pieces that come in a brass finish for a much-needed hint of contrast against the neutrals.

Eleva Porcelain and Concrete Planter, Light + Ladder, $140

A versatile vessel worthy of your most prized greens. Planter or sculpture, we’ll let you decide.

Incense Holder, Light + Ladder, $80

An inconspicuous staple that doubles as a decorative accent (and a candle holder, no less).

Meret Composition 3, Ben & Aja Blanc, $3,600

This multimedia piece marries texture and shape, forming a functional yet decorative twist on a classic mirror.