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Contemporary Country

In this seemingly bucolic kitchen, a modernized design scheme is subtly masked by an abundant arrangement of rustic elements. The monochromatic make of the space is effortlessly elevated by the details that span from the vintage-inspired dinnerware to the whitewashed floorboards.


Major Pops of Unexpected Color

When opting for an exclusively whitewashed kitchen, details are key. Whether they come in the form of color or texture, it’s important to impart the space with a well-defined element. We’re loving the unexpected pop of color of the sink and the way it plays off of the saturated tones of the dishes in the cabinets!

Well-Rounded Knobs

When it comes to the hardware of the kitchen, we’re moving away from the sleek and elongated pieces, in lieu of the more round variety. Note how the matte black knobs of this kitchen scene extend a dynamic detail to the monochrome cabinets, resulting in a modern and eye-catching finish.

White Birch Cabinets 

Consider it the new version of an all-white kitchen. White birch cabinets are the next big thing. We’re calling it now. Coupled with a subdued marble counter and a shiplap backsplash, the look embodies effortless perfection.

Mixed Tiles

When it comes to picking out tiles for the floors or backsplash of the kitchen, don’t feel obligated to stick to a single style or pattern. Mix and match a variety of aesthetics, but be mindful of incorporating a unified element within the look as well. Opt for a blend of patterns that come in a complementary color scheme or vice versa – contrasting hues in similar prints.

Gray Matters

As far as two-toned kitchens go, we’re seeing a relatively more subtle approach to the trend. The level of contrast between the two colors err towards the indistinguishable, all the while maintaining the ever-so-slightest hint of a chromatic difference.

Herringbone is the New Subway Tile

Proof that a solid herringbone pattern looks just as good on a backsplash as it would on the floor. Complement the look with wooden shelves reinforced with brass brackets. This refreshing take maintains the timeless elegance of a black and white color scheme, yet still manages to bring in a modern update in the form of the pattern.

Less is Still More

The minimalist movement is still going strong, and this homey kitchen is the ultimate proof. A single layer of floating shelves provide more than enough space for the dishware, while a wall-to-wall installation of cabinets cleverly conceal the remaining culinary accessories. Understated pops of earthy tones bring in color to the space in the form of handcrafted ceramics and a rustic table for two.

Blending the Old with the New

A vintage-inspired element (preferably one that comes in the form of a storage solution) can soften up the intensity of an otherwise modern kitchen. Look to bring in a unique flea market find or antiquated piece to instill a well-developed characteristic to the decor.

Wooden Finishes in Variety

The rustic aesthetic takes on a whole new meaning with a creative play on the two-toned kitchen. Wooden surfaces come in a multitude of finishes and stains, establishing a dynamically characterized element that goes simply unparalleled. Don’t be afraid to designate contrasting colors for cabinets that sit side-by-side!

Defined Monochromatics

While whitewashed kitchens have had their moment, we’re all for a little change that comes on the opposite side of the spectrum. Think matte black cabinetry with sleek gray accents and pops of white!

Statement Metallics

This coming year, we’re going beyond the standard backsplash in lieu of something with a bit more of a lustrous detail. Couple the look with a bold wall paint in a saturated shade of green or blue.