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You’ve embraced colorful bedding over a typical all-white spread, decided to take the plunge with a graphic wallpaper, and even opted for a jewel-toned sofa instead of a neutral one. Going for the bolder choice can feel invigorating—so why stop short when it comes to your kitchen? A dramatic tile can take your renovation to the next level, and a new collection from Brooklyn’s Cooler Gallery and Concrete Collaborative includes some of the most enticing ones we’ve seen in a long time.

Available in 14 different styles by exciting independent artists like Aelfie, Recreation Center, and Dusen Dusen, the 8-by-8-inch tiles are made of encaustic concrete, which is less stainproof and more porous than glazed ceramic, so if you want to minimize upkeep, they’re best used in a room that stays dry (like the kitchen). They come with a choose-your-own-adventure styling opportunity, too: Their abstract designs allow these tiles to be arranged in a wide variety of patterns. No matter how you place them, though, they’ll make such an impact that your entire space will feel transformed. Who needs painted cabinets or a vibrant backsplash when your floor is already a work of art?

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