Wake Up Your Snoozy Subway Tile Shower With This Simple Addition

A little leaf motif or herringbone trim is all it takes.
Lydia Geisel Avatar
white tiled bathroom

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Accessories are like the exclamation point of an outfit, Michael Kors once suggested. So who said the same can’t be true for the tile in your home? Nashville-based tile creator Lindsay Sheets of Red Rock Tileworks and Richmond, Virginia–based jewelry designer Hali Emminger joined forces to make a line of hand-painted tiles that’s essentially jewelry for boring subway tile walls. 

graphcic white subwya tile
Courtesy of Hechizo x Red Rock Tileworks

green tile with white bits
Courtesy of Hechizo x Red Rock Tileworks

The collection spans small rectangular components with little leaf motifs, herringbone patterns, raindrop-like speckles, and other illustrations pulled from Emminger’s Hechizo line. Also in the mix: sculptural wall hooks that allow you to hang up hand towels or, yes, even showcase your everyday necklaces. 

Create borders with the pieces or simply sneak a few in between the grout lines—either way it’s a surefire solution for spicing up a plain white shower or classic kitchen backsplash. The decorative pieces are now available to order through Red Rock Tileworks. There’s no need to start your reno from scratch.