What do lilac, terracotta, chartreuse, and taupe all have in common? They’re four of the eight feel-good hues that made it onto Fireclay Tile’s just-released style forecast for 2021. The company is predicting Morning Thaw, Rosemary, Desert Bloom, Red Rock, Frond, Tumbleweed, Evening Glow, and Sand Dune will hit it big next year, based on what customers are buying and sampling right now (people are testing the new Desert Collection like crazy, according to Kali Gibson, a PR and partnerships manager for the company). “There is an openness to choosing bolder colors or trying out a fresh take on a classic pattern like checkerboard as of late that we imagine will continue for years to come,” she says. 

eight tile colors
Courtesy of Fireclay Tile

Choose a solid color for a bathroom floor, kitchen backsplash, or swimming pool waterline, or combine them all (to be honest, we could all use that level of cheer in our lives right now). Take a peek at a few more places that put some of our favorite colors featured in the forecast to use.

The Happy Pink

pink and green kitchen
Design and Photography by Design: Eric Trine of Amigo Modern, Courtesy of Fireclay Tile

Amigo Modern founder Eric Trine took his Scalene Triangle tiles in Desert Bloom in a playful direction by pairing it with sage green cabinets and electric blue counter stools. 


The Rejuvenating Green

zen green shower walls
Photography by Emily Followill Photography; Design by Jessica Davis, Courtesy of Fireclay Tile

Our bathrooms are our sanctuaries now, and nothing exudes zen quite like Rosemary. Designer Jessica Davis riffed off the solid-colored subway tiles that make up the vanity wall and shower on the floor, mixing it with two other green tones to create the 3-D pattern. 

The Calming Taupe

sunny kitchen
Photography by Leonid Furmansky; Design by Claire Zinnecker, courtesy of Fireclay Tile

Sand Dune varies slightly from tile to tile, meaning you get a warm range of shades that resembles the look of zellige. Get the full effect out of the optical illusion by using them in a sun-drenched setting.

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