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The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner, and short of having to settle on a costume, we’re looking forward to a well-decorated fete instead. Complete with the ghostly decor commonly associated with the day, we’re all for going the extra mile when it comes to throwing the ultimate Halloween party. Lucky for us, Etsy recently unearthed a guide to the decorative items trending this year and (spoiler alert) the results are pretty unexpected. See for yourself… if you dare.

Can you say spooky? Set these black beeswax spine candles, by Grave Digger Candles, on the entry console, or use them to dress up the buffet table. 


Pastels are in.

Who could’ve guessed that a palette so quintessentially spring-like would come to stand in as the trendiest color scheme of Halloween? Blame it on the millennial pink movement or just a sheer desire to impart the typically ghostly day with a light-hearted element. “You don’t have to sacrifice your love of traditional ghostly decor this Halloween, instead you can also deck out your spooky accent pieces with a bit of sparkle and a more whimsical color palette,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert, “…no more feeling limited to the same old orange and black combos.”
Pictured: Ghost Cookies, Holly Fox Designs

Ember Candle Co‘s pastel skull candles marry whimsy with edge, proving that even the Halloween-averse can get in on the fun without committing to an all-black scheme.

Die-hard Halloween fans, don’t fret, you can still safely embrace the more traditional side of the holiday.

Matte black is the new black. 

Matte black accents have made their mark within interior design trends in recent years, so it comes as no surprise that the scheme would make its way into Halloween decor. After all, black is the signature shade of the holiday. For those who favor taking a more low-key approach to their decor, this celestial jug by Laima Ceramics is just the piece. Regardless of what you choose to fill it with—potions or spirits, or a little mix of both—it’ll surely impart your tablescape with a fittingly haunted feel.  

Decorative pumpkins come elevated in form. 

Pumpkins are undoubtedly a staple of Halloween, a symbolic representation even the least avid of celebrators are willing to embrace. This year, skip the carving (neat freaks, rejoice) and instead take on a more elegant approach. Transform the oversized squash by using metallic spray paints or even playful illustrations.
Looking to take things a step further? Yes, we’ll admit it, this one definitely runs on the more splurge-worthy side, but we’d be hard-pressed to find a pumpkin enthusiast who would be able to resist these autumnal equinox velvet pumpkins by The Velvet Window.

Creepy-crawlies are all the rage

, but this playful twist on the classic eight-legged creatures instantly earmarks them as friends, not foe. We’ll embrace even the scariest of insects if they come in playful pops of color or gilded in detail.